Medical Kidnap: 17 Year Old Isaiah Rider Taken Captive Against His Will

Isaiah Rider explains in a video he made his last night in Kansas City that he feared going back to Chicago.

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Isaiah Rider is 17 years old, and has been in custody of the State of Illinois for several months over a medical dispute. However, for the past several weeks Isaiah was allowed to return home from Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago to his grandparents’ home in Kansas City, while his mother, a nurse, has fought the State of Illinois to regain custody of her son.

On December 6, 2014, the State of Illinois, allegedly via his guardian ad litem, Kim Boone, forced Isaiah Rider to get into an ambulance and return to Chicago, even though neither he nor his family wanted him to return to the place where he was separated from his family previously, and where he reportedly suffered emotional distress. Here is a video Isaiah made the night before he was forced to leave:

The Team Isaiah Facebook Page is reporting that Isaiah is confined at Comer Children’s Hospital, is not allowed visitors, and is wearing a “security sensor bracelet” on his wrist. They report that he has even been denied pastoral care by the hospital.

Even prisoners on death row are allowed pastoral care and visitors!

Other media sources are beginning to pick up this story.

Scott Miller, an attorney with the National Center for Life & Liberty, has filed a court motion to enter the case on behalf of the family.

“He’s (Isaiah Rider) currently a ward of the state of Illinois,” Miller said Friday. “But his position is that he’s not a resident of Illinois. He’s a resident of Missouri where he is an adult.”

Details here.

Rhonda Robinson of PJ Media has also covered the story, noting the irony that on the same day Isaiah Rider was removed by force from his home state of Missouri, state legislators introduced a bill inspired by Isaiah’s case, which would make it illegal for parents to be charged with “medical abuse” for simply disagreeing with doctors.

Story here.

The Team Isaiah Facebook Page is calling on people to contact the two Senators from Missouri, Isaiah’s home state:


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Learn more about Isaiah and Michelle Rider’s story of Medical Kidnapping.


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