TLB Headlines & A Call to Unite as Warriors and take back Our Country

by Pam Jones | TLB Staff

Let me begin by saying, THIS IS NOT A “PRO-WAR” video presentation.

The first half of our headline review features images of war and images of those that are waging war against Humanity and Our God Given Freedoms and our right to Live in Peace. In the second half former President Ronald Regan speaks to preserving Freedom when he says, “Show Courage with Spiritual Resolve.”  We are presenting his words, not in a pro-war context, but in a call for the American people to Unite as Warriors and take back our country and defend America within it’s borders and rout-out the evil doers that are bent on it’s destruction.

The song in the video below is about WE THE PEOPLE, THE WARRIORS and how we have had enough! I for one have had enough. I have had enough of the Global Power Elite waging War and Tyranny on my freedoms. How about you? Are you ready to become a Warrior for Freedom and Liberty?

Love you big, ~pj



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