TLB Presents: Alan Morrison & The Naked Troubadour

For years Alan Morrison has Rocked the World … Now it is time for TLB to … Rock Alan Morrison !!!

Presented by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Allan Morrison is a TLB Contributing Author. He is an accomplished singer, writer, composer and writes some awesome Poetry as well … as a matter of fact when it comes to most any form of media presentation Alan is a sure-fire winner. The liberty Beacon Project is proud of all our Contributors … but few (including myself) carry such a wide range of talent … and express it so eloquently!

The purpose of this presentation is to once again highlight Alan’s talent, but also to introduce to all his newest forum

The Naked Troubadour

“Welcome to The Naked Troubadour! That’s me, Alan Morrison — a troubadour whose heart is open to the world for all to see — who writes from a place which is clear and free— who longs for a world in which every human being can be who they’re meant to be. Such a very short time we have here. Blink and it’s gone. It’s not important how long that we’re here but whether or not we live it to the full, according to the gifts we’ve been given.

On this blog-site, you will find many poems, sonnets, songs, articles and reflections which I’ve written — most of them in the last intense twenty years of my life. I hope you will find them as rewarding to read as I have found them to write. My whole heart and mind is here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason or none at all. Blessings to you, from The Naked Troubadour.”

Here is a small sample of the treasure trove of great media in store for you on Alans great website …


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For all who may be hearing about Alan for the first time (Really?) … or those who would like to revisit TLB’s interactions with this talented friend and member of the TLB family …

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Please take the time to visit “The Naked Troubadour” … Where Disappointment is not even an Option !!!

A strong recommendation by, The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB)


All materials presented © TLB Project LLC & Alan Morrison, 2017

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