TLB Presents: MOM on the RIGHT – Is the The Deep State Protecting Sex Traffickers?

Has the Elite Network Protected Sex Offenders and Sex Traffickers in Haiti?

MOM on the RIGHT – Is the The Deep State Protecting Sex Traffickers … Has the Elite Network Protected Sex Offenders and Sex Traffickers in Haiti?


TLB Note: With the arrest of Jeffery Epstein being splashed (big-time) across the national and global media, and with so many awakening to this horrific ongoing scenario of child sex trafficking, it seems the perfect time to hit this topic hard. Today we start with an individual who is in the know … We present you with the How and the Why.

The sex trafficking business is booming in Haiti. Perpetrators with deep pockets and extensive political links are skipping prison sentences. Other predators continue to enjoy life, fly on private jets to other countries — circumventing prosecution. For example, Laura Silsby (Laura Gayler), was arrested trying to travel over the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic with 30 children. She claimed they were orphans but had no papers for them — some had parents. She was bailed out of jail in Haiti by the Clintons, who provided an attorney, according to published reports.

Then there is the hub for many criminalities — orphanages. Some have become a front for nefarious individuals and sex crimes. It’s estimated $70 million is donated from well-meaning church groups and non-profits in the United States to help Haitians and orphanages yearly.

Sex trafficking and abuse has skyrocketed since the 2010 calamitous earthquake in Haiti. Parents sold their children to orphanages for as little as $75 to provide them an ampler life. The unlucky ones became part of the human slave trade, prostitution or were forced into sex trafficking.

The average person can read about these horrendous situations online — just Google it.

What happens if you’re no longer an outsider? You just discovered there’s alleged sexual and physical abuse over the last 30 years by an American in Haiti who operates several orphanages that you once believed in and raised money for. Michael Geilenfeld according to my guest is at the epicenter of many allegations, abuse, and getting away with crimes against boys by fleeing and arranging for people to make passports for him to remain under the radar.

The story becomes more chilling.

What if you additionally discovered names associated with this person were purportedly the Clinton Foundation, Father Shanley, who founded NAMBLA – North American Man Boy Love Association and many other names like the former President of Haiti — Michel Martelly? Martelly was illegally put into power by former Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Mertens, who was formerly responsible for the Haiti Desk at the U.S. Department of State.

Martelly was involved with “the missing funds from the PetroCaribe money from Venezuela and the Clinton Foundation money. He is a singer and known drug user and very rough gangster.  He is bi-sexual and shared a boyfriend with Geilenfeld named Jeff Bazile. Geilenfeld took vacations with Bazile and I have a photo of them in Jamaica on a beach smoking a blunt,” says three-time Paul Harris Fellow, Valerie Dirksen.

Dirksen, an Atlanta real estate agent was volunteering for a dance group with scheduled performances. One of the young men in the ensemble shared in 2011 about sexual abuse by Geilenfeld. More people started to confide in her and shared the same horrifying details.

The story didn’t end there, however.

Dirksen looked to Homeland Security, the U.S. Embassy and the State Department for cooperation to no seek justice. She’s received assistance from Congressman Rob Woodall​, GA. “His office has been extremely helpful, reaching out to the State Department and arranging a meeting with the U.S. Embassy in Haiti. Woodall is extremely concerned about the victims. I have been working with him on this case since May 2011.”

Yet, it appeared Dirksen’s prayers were answered in 2014.

Geilenfeld was detained in the Haitian State Penitentiary in Port au Prince for 237 days for charges including indecent assault — he was released on a technicality. The Haitian government commanded him to yield his passport and to not leave the country until the situation was solved. Geilenfeld reportedly had Ambassador Pamela White issue a passport and left the country. He contends the false accusations ruined his reputation and cost the charity Hearts with Haiti millions of dollars in donations.

Using her own resources Dirksen promises the victims justice. She was instrumental in closing one of Geilenfeld’s orphanages. Geilenfeld was the founder of Saint-Joseph orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where many alleged victims claimed they were abused. St. Joseph Home for Boys in the Delmas 91 neighborhood of Port-au-Prince was shut down by the Haitian government in 2015 due to Dirksen’s resolve. Later, he was arrested on an Interpol Red arrest warrant in April 2019 in the Dominican Republic and was deported to the U.S.

“This criminal arrest warrant is good for 10 years and caused the investigating judge to issue a Red Interpol Arrest Warrant,” Dirksen explains. This Red Interpol Arrest Warrant led to the Interpol Police in the Dominican Republic to apprehend Geilenfeld and hold him for the Homeland Security to pick him up since Geilenfeld is in violation of the Protect Act of 2003. This act prohibits Americans from going over the border to engage in illegal activity, in this case having sex with a minor.”

It’s illegal for Geilenfeld to leave his country of origin, the United States. He did.

According to my guest, money continues to be raised for Geilenfeld.

Says Dirksen:

“People see an old man, who claims ties to Mother Teresa, and assume he is harmless. This is not the case. Geilenfeld needs to be in jail for the crimes he has committed against vulnerable children. No young person should ever have to experience such violations of their safety and dignity.”

See Affidavit of Rod Khattabi.

Geilenfeld maintains his innocence and refutes all allegations.


Watch this very revealing discussion …


About Valerie Dirksen:

As a long-time Rotarian, past club president, and three-time Paul Harris Fellow, Valerie Dirksen has deep roots as a humanitarian. Her introduction to Haiti was January 12, 2010, the day the earth shook Haiti. Her vast international business experience in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean has led her to help victims of sex tourism and sex trafficking. She has advocated for a group of orphans who were abused by an American who operated several orphanages for over 30 years.

During this process of securing the predator’s arrest warrant, she learned this problem is not limited to Haiti, it is a worldwide problem. She has put all her resources into helping the victims of these heinous crimes become survivors with a vision to end the global crime of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) so it is only known in the archives of history.

Valerie has spent countless hours advocating and raising awareness of the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation. ICRAS works on the 4 “P “s: prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. ICRAS is a resource for the community to learn, engage and volunteer and the website.


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