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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

As the founder of The Liberty Beacon Project I felt compelled to share the images, ideas and ideals of my thoughts, feelings, angers and passion’s over the last few years as I traversed the path of my true awakening. I will be doing this for the first time in a new visual medium. I have done MANY radio shows and written uncounted articles, but only one online TV show … This is about to change.

Many have heard me RANT on numerous radio shows … Now you will see it live. This is not an act or choreographed in any fashion (as you will obviously see for yourself). These issues really PISS ME OFF and I cannot hide that fact, nor do I attempt to do so!

This show will present TLB’s and my thoughts and ideas concerning many topics and concepts, because if it harms humanity in any fashion … we will be discussing it! These shows will represent what I like to call the reality bites we all face, suffer or are forced to confront in this chaotic world we live in today.

Whether it concerns political lies, perpetual warfare, economic blackmail, or health tyranny … None of this will be off limits on this new TLB TV show …


The concept of induced programmed ignorance is not a new one, and we can even see this theme playing out in the popular big screen movie “Network” almost four decades ago (1976), presented to us by the Mainstream Media itself. So does art imitate life … or does life emulate art via programming? Just about all the ignorant masses believe today is the result of this programming, and if we ever wish to call ourselves a free people again … This influence, or programming must be eradicated!

Network movie


Having been in the military, and then worked for the Military Industrial complex, facilitating D.O.D. contracts for a big portion of my adult life, the blight of political, military, environmental. financial and health tyranny I have experienced since my awakening a relatively short time ago, has rocked me to the core and endangered my very foundation of reason to a magnitude most could not comprehend.

The truth will either set you free … or it will tear your foundation of beliefs apart … I have experienced both …

The Liberty Beacon Project was Born and Eradicating Programmed Ignorance Began.

The Liberty Beacon Project was founded on August 19, 2012 with the launch of our first and flagship website The Liberty Beacon. This project has quickly grown into a global media project with 20 plus internal and partner websites scattered across this globe like a shotgun blast at 100 paces (with more planned). We also boast a specialized radio network home based at The Liberty Beacon Town Crier, and we are supported and enriched by the spirit, compassion and intellect of many contributors, writers and supporters globally.

It is what we don’t know that will hurt us and humanity the most … and we are all bombarded daily by an extremely well choreographed program intended on keeping us all steeped in ignorance … Until the bell tolls …

The only choice

Rants (commentary), amazing guests, up to date news and information and more … This is what you can expect from this new forum. So please join us Live every Wednesday evening at 7:30 EST, 4:30 PST on CCNTV, for an hour of intense Programmed Ignorance Eradication.

Please join us

Roger Landry (TLB)


EPISODE #1: Eradicating Programmed Ignorance

RandyThree hours of discussion on what ever is harming humanity today … Because it is what you don’t know about that will always harm you the most! With a very astute and intelligent friend of TLB, Randy Maugans, also of Off Planet Radio and Off Planet TV


Hour 1 on TLBTV

Hours 2&3 on Off Planet TV


The outstanding organization that will be bringing you our show live each week is Conscious Consumer Network TV (CCN)

Watch weekly every Wednesday @ 7:30 EST – live here

Click here or on this image to visit the CCN website and see weekly live episodes

Find great programming here: CCN BROADCAST GUIDE

CCN is supporter funded. It is through a great organization like this that our word can be heard and amplified, thus programmed ignorance can be eradicated. Please watch this short video, visit their website, and support this fine organization in any way you can. Because without platforms such as CCN … our voice is severely limited!


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