TLB presents the “We The People” Show With Tatiana Moroz & Promoting Her “Indiegogo Campaign”

861599_10151316732078595_162526653_n[1]TLB is happy to present Tatiana Moroz as our guest on our “We The People” show and promote her “Indiegogo Campaign”. This is a serious patriot with some serious talent! So please read, listen and watch as this very intelligent young lady entertains us …


Tatiana Moroz is a singer songwriter who grew up in New Jersey. At Berklee College of Music, she studied jazz vocals & music business. Tatiana has been singing and performing for people since she was very young. Whether it was for her fellow summer campers in Poland as a child or for large crowds at a NYC venue, she always knew music was her life.

After graduation, she returned to NYC and began working in some of the top recording studios. It was during this time when she experienced love and life, and began to focus on her songwriting. She soon completed her indie debut of 12 songs, “Tatiana” written, sung, & produced by Tatiana herself.

After performing shows in support of “Tatiana”, she soon found herself with an even stronger conviction that music was the right path. Since her debut she has released 2 EPs, and her follow up LP titled, “Love and Liberty”. Tatiana has also become an active member of the Liberty movement and has loved meeting inspiring people from all different backgrounds. She has had the honor of performing at some incredible Libertarian events including: P.A.U.L. Fest, Liberty Love Fest, Philly Phreedom Rally, and several Libertarian Party, Congressman Ron Paul and Gov. Gary Johnson events and rallies. She is also the founder of Same Side Entertainment.

The We The people show featuring Tatiana and many of her outstanding songs! Please click on the link to listen and enjoy her music:





Attention Friends & Liberty Fam: I need your help! So many of you have rallied around my music and the message of Liberty but now I need you to help me spread that message around the country. Please help me raise funds to be able to tour this summer and bring songs of peace to the the country (and beyond)! I’m currently accepting donations through my Indiegogo campaign and truly appreciate all the support I can get. Please share!!

For More Info On My IndieGoGo Campaign Visit

Social Networks:





Contributors will have a chance to benefit from several perks listed on the site. The link to her Indiegogo is:

Tatiana is available for appearances and interviews surrounding the campaign. Please contact Sarah Hopkins at


Tatiana is also the founder of Same Side Entertainment, Please read the press release below –

Introducing Same Side Entertainment

A new web based resource company focusing on liberty oriented speakers and entertainment debuted this week. Same Side Entertainment will feature a roster of prominent speakers and entertainment, all devoted to the message of individual liberty and freedom.

The new company founded by liberty singer Tatiana Moroz plans to offer a wide variety of services catering to educational and activist organizations, including booking keynote speakers, web promotions and event planning.

“Putting on an event of any size takes a lot of work. We know this because the staff at SSE has over 50 years of combined experience in doing just that. SSE is a service to help you ensure a quality event for your group or organization,” John Michaels, SSE’s Business Manager said.

Same Side will also provide a source for activists and liberty organizations to connect with well-known leaders in today’s growing movement for sustainable living, personal liberty, economics, and health freedom.

Keynote speakers on the roster include:

Tom Woods

Kevin Gutzman

Jack Hunter

Robert Scott Bell

Bob Murphy

Michael Scheuer

John Bush

Tatiana Moroz

Jordan Page

Bill Still

And many more.

For more information, contact Sarah Hopkins at


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