TLB Special: A Young Girl, Fatal Drug Trial & the Heinous Cover-up

Joan & Derek Bye

Preface by Show Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

We have all watched movies with a plot strikingly similar to this scenario, but for most of us, things like this just don’t happen in real life. Except for two grieving parents, it did, and the story reads and sounds just like something straight out of a Alfred Hitchcock horror novel.

Unsolicited or forced medical experimentation and lack of accountability seem to be on the rise across the industrialized world. Cover ups, hidden research data and massive harm are scenarios TLB reports on more every day … and the true evil of the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma becomes more blatantly apparent as time marches forward.

The real life horror story you are about to learn of takes place over decades and, if you are human, will burden your heart. Please read as Christina lays the foundations for the recorded show below, Then listen as Joan and Derek Bye tell you in their own words what a trip to hell … is really like!


Drugs Trial Kills an Innocent Child: Two Welsh Hospitals Cover-Up Her Death by Butchering Her Body

By TLB Staff Writer and Show Co-Host: Christina England

Helenor ByeHelenor Bye was just twelve years old when she was experimented on and killed in a drug trial carried out in Wales in 1977. In a bid to cover up the truth, the hospital butchered her little body and stole her organs, telling her parents that she was still alive. Today, three decades on, her parents are still fighting for justice for their beloved daughter, who, just weeks before she died, had presented a bouquet of flowers to the Queen.

A Brief Synopsis of This Tragic Story

In July 1977, a few days after playing in a public paddling pool, Helenor Bye became ill and was taken to Bridgend Hospital by her parents, Derek and Joan Bye, with a suspected bladder infection. Dr. Trevor Hyfyn Jones, the paediatrician treating Helenor, arranged for her to have an IVP, (an intravenous pyelogram), telling her parents it was normal procedure, to find out if there were any underlying problem with Helenor’s kidneys. What her parents did not know was this procedure was very dangerous and could lead to serious side effects.

Within hours, Helenor became seriously ill and her parents were advised by the general practitioners (GP) to take Helenor back to Bridgend Hospital. At the hospital, Helenor’s condition quickly deteriorated, and despite the couple’s desperate pleas, Helenor did not receive any treatment.

Mr. Bye alerted the doctors to the possibility of inflammation of the brain and asked for an EEG to be done as soon as possible. The hospital’s response was cold and harsh and he was rudely informed that this would take weeks to arrange.

A Deadly Diagnosis

Helenor remained in the hospital for a total of five days, at which point her parents were told to take their daughter home. When Mr. and Mrs. Bye asked what was wrong with their daughter, no one was able to give them a satisfactory answer. Instead, they were ordered to carry on giving their daughter the drug Epilim (sodium valproate) to control their daughter’s epileptic condition?!!

When Mr. and Mrs Bye tried to argue with the doctors and insist that their daughter was not epileptic, the hospital told them that if they did not continue with her prescribed treatment, Helenor would be removed from their care and placed in the care of the state.

Faced with the prospect of losing their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bye requested a second medical opinion, but this request was denied under the threat of intimidation. The Bye family left the hospital after Dr. Jones reluctantly agreed to monitor Helenor’s progress on a monthly basis. Dr. Jones only agreed to this, however, if the Bye family agreed to maintain a dosage of 800 mg of Epilim per day, telling them that it would be dangerous to withdraw the drug or to stop it instantly.

It was not revealed until 24 years later that during her five-day stay in hospital, Helenor had been prescribed Valium and Mogadon and taken to Glanrhyd Hospital for a full EEG examination which was grossly abnormal.

Forced to Watch Their Daughter Die an Agonizing Death

Mr. and Mrs. Bye said that from this point, they watched their beloved daughter Helenor progressively deteriorate as she began to suffer the horrendous side effects of Epilim. Within weeks, Helenor began to suffer from sleeplessness and coordination problems. Despite this and the fact that Helenor had lost a lot of weight due to continuous vomiting, the pediatrician advised her parents that these side effects were nothing to worry about and that her body was adjusting to the medication.

The truth was that Helenor was slowly being poisoned to death and her symptoms were an early sign that she was extremely ill, something that should have been obvious to Dr. Jones, had he read the product insert for sodium valproate (Epilim).

Instead of recognizing the documented adverse reactions to Epilim, however, Dr. Jones decided to blame Helenor’s severe weight loss on the slimming disease, anorexia nervosa (eating disorder in the US), and psychiatric problems.

On Friday, April 21, 1978, Helenor, emaciated and weighing a mere three-and-a-half stone, was taken back into Bridgend Hospital, with Epilim poisoning. Dr. Jones, obviously realizing his error, immediately withdrew the drug, sending the severely underweight, ill, little girl into a state of status epilepticus (a dangerous condition in which epileptic fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them).

Over the next three days, Helenor slipped in and out of a coma and was eventually transferred to a hospital in Cardiff where she was taken to intensive care.

Dr. Corrie Weaver informed Mr. and Mrs. Bye that Helenor was dangerously ill and that they were doing their utmost to save Helenor’s life. She informed them that, in order to save her life, they needed to take biopsies from Helenor’s liver, kidneys and brain and asked Mr. and Mrs. Bye to sign the authorization documents.

It was later discovered that Helenor had already died on her way to the hospital and these forms were actually authorizing the removal of her vital organs from her body, thus removing all the evidence of foul play on the part of either hospital.

Tonight, Mr. Derek Bye and his wife, Joan, tell their harrowing story to Roger Landry and I on a The Liberty Beacon Special … Please listen below.


Please understand this show was recorded between England and northern Montana (USA), and although the sound is not always studio quality … you will never be at a loss to understand the conversation.

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TLB would like to once again thanks Christina England for her vital role in this project!

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  1. I am so sorry for all they did to you and your daughter. I can fully relate. It is horrific when doctors put drug trials, big Pharma, money and greed before the value of a child’s life. Prayers for continued healing.

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