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It is time you realized that you do not have a government! You have a highly nationally organized crime syndicate running America and your states! It is the most corrupt depraved organization in modern history! Time to wake up America …

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For example – government is not BROKE – far from it – Walter through CAFR1.com has exposed that government IS NOT BROKE and instead is sitting on trillions in investments!  It wants you to think its broke so it can milk more money from you and keep you in poverty and hence – unable to spend the time to unlearn and re-ducate about what the parasite class has done to American and the World since March 9th 1933 when they made the American people a debt slave to the NWO for the purposes of enslaving all nations not already under the control of the NWO – Crown Corp – Vatican – DC criminal cabal!

The California drought and flooding across other nations is completely engineered by the NWO parasites and those in control of the media – courts – state machinery know it – Geo-engineering / chemtrailing it is designed to enable the NWO to control food production and land use and ultimately – to kill you. Ultimately the program is alignment with Agenda 21 and designed  to depopulate California and cause GENOCIDE,

Your STATE – COUNTY AND TOWN de facto government agents know they are not broke!! They have have ignored your demands to do something about these crimes against humanity…

Time to get your head around what your government really is!



Make sure to look at the CAFR example list on the CAFR1 site. It lists about 4500 CAFRs that were compiled for 2013. The list is categorized as you go down the page by County, City, State, Pensions, Special Districts, Enterprise, Council of Governments, Specialty Investment Funds. It is a long list so keep scrolling down to you reach the end.

Keep in mind the listing is just an EXAMPLE LISTING that shows a few out of the 184,000 CAFR reports.

The impact of looking Qualifies the “Scope and Size” of what has been taking place right under the public’s nose every single day for the last 80 years as the Public was masterfully Entertained into total distraction while a complete VOID was maintained for not a cognitive thought to be generated in the public’s cognitive thinking. This was done with the full cooperation of the syndicated media, controlled education, both of the primary political parties, for not a peep or mention.

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The CAFR is not “a” report, it is “the” report, your local government’s statement of Net Worth that the public should have been going over with a fine tooth comb each year for the last 70-years. But how could they review when they did not know it existed due to the cooperative black-out of its mention?Well, VOID now breached, cognitive thought now taking place, MAKE IT COUNT!The link for the Example listing is here – http://CAFR1.com/listings/ Listings.html.

** Download the CAFRs by category listed for your state. Put all on one DVD and make copies for distribution to people in your state. Put them up for sale on eBay and Amazon. Anyone you know who runs a large business, make sure they get a copy. They will be amazed and learn the world of government is much different than they had ever imagined or were selectively spoon fed to believe… They may just then take some sincere corrective action with their other business associates.

** Also if you would like to listen to or share a 1-hour radio show with friends CAFR1 did six months ago that covers a lot of excellent detail, information, motives behind what has transpired, replies to government comment, remedy that is in motion, you or they can listen to it is here –

Check Out Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The American Republic on BlogTalkRadio

Provided to you FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1

PS: Keep also in mind each report shows the holdings / income for just that “one” entity. Now think of the “collective” totals from all.

Now you know why Russia in the 80’s and now China in the 2000’s have transitioned into the USA standard of operation. MORE CONTROL AND MORE WEALTH GENERATED for their government. In the USA the better blueprint was drafted for control and wealth generation, and takeover of it all.

Corrupt Nation

The NWO (New World Order) is not from the outside coming in. It was created here and is being implemented globally. One standard blueprint for population management and profit therefrom. I think we all can modify that blueprint. TRFA coming to a local government close to you. We The People as equal partners with government and not as the current blueprint outlines, as subjects to be controlled, suppressed, and managed. All across the Globe can do the same also, become equal partners with their government and then the world thrives from that point forward. My fingers are crossed and my actions are in motion wishing for the best for one-and-all, are yours?


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  1. Walter is right. I have personally talked to him on more then one occasion, and with the corrupted Federal Reserve Bank printing all the cash it can, there is no end in sight to this rip off. If the Government can sell off the privilege to create currency out of thin air to a private bank then we can see where this leads too. In a free market economy, it is the inevitable end to a stable currency on a global scale. War’s are the result of such faulty banking economies.

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