TLB Special: Breaking News! Just Released by National Liberty Alliance – Mandamus Subversion

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By: Roger Landry, Show Host & TLB Founder

Life as we know it in America is changing. For those of us who have lived three generations in this country as I have done, this fact is unavoidably obvious … But the sad fact is that for most of the up and coming generations, it is NOT. The constant erosion of our unalienable rights, liberties and our guaranteed freedoms is now happening at a near feverish pace, and far too many are all but oblivious to this.

Our political, judicial, health and economic systems have all been co-opted by an elite caste, hell bent on the destruction of all that makes America … America, and the institution of oligarchical rule that has no room or tolerance for a free people bent on self determination!

What we offer you now is a serious trip down the rabbit hole with the two principles of The National Liberty Alliance, a valued partner organization of TLB. This show will deal with a judicial filing and release of a document that is earth shattering in its implications and motivations.

It is well past time to push back hard against the machinery of corruption, complicity and outright tyranny that has absconded with We The Peoples America, and as usual National Liberty Alliance is leading the charge in a judicial fashion unparalleled in American history.

So if you wish to know just what can be done, what you can do, or how we can regain our sovereignty and status as the true governors of this Constitutional Republic …

Watch, Listen, Learn … and then get involved!


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Mandamus Subversion


The purpose of this Mandamus is to expose foreign and domestic tyrants posing as Americans that have infiltrated our government at all levels in a concerted effort to overthrow the fifty governments of the United States by seizing their seat of power our Federal City a/k/a Washington DC. Thereby these tyrants have covertly erected a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, political operations and through courts of fiction, contrary to the authority by which they claim, Article I Section 8 clauses 17 and 18, prevent the execution of the Law of the Land resulting in the enslaving of the sovereign People of America.

We the Sureties of the Peace, a/k/a tribunal, upon information received on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN THIS COURT OF RECORD, DECLARES; A STATE OF EMERGENCY, AND ORDERS; all federal and state elected and appointed servants to uphold their oaths guaranteeing to every State in this union a Republican form of Government and shall forthwith assemble to protect each of them against invasion (martial law).

TLB HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you read this document in full

Watch this video more vital information.

On June 8, 2015 all elected servants received the Line in the sand (Writ Mandamus) concerning subversion of the United States of America. Time to take a stand now and hold on … or lose America forever!

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TLB: What you have seen and heard here is HUGE and the ramification should echo throughout this nation, but there is so much more available at the National Liberty Alliance website. Please visit and LEARN because it is what you DON’T know that will always harm you and your loved ones the most …!

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