TLB Special, Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand!: A Great Discussion With Author Duke Lakeland

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Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

TLB Is privileged to present this discussion with author and patriot Duke Lakeland.

As the founder of The Liberty Beacon project I am blessed to know many individuals who rail against the tyranny being perpetrated against Americans and the global population in total. Whether it be political, economic, health related, social, or perpetual warfare, America suffers all today, and simultaneously. The individuals who stand up to put the message of truth and hope forward are the true town criers of today’s America! Our guest today fits this description to a tee.

Please listen to this great discussion and read Duke’s explanation and motivations for writing this great book below.


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Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand!

Duke LakelandBy TLB Contributor: Duke Lakeland

There have been many exposés written about what is going on in America behind the scenes. I have read many of them and am glad to have the knowledge and am thankful to all those who took the time to make that information available.

But in writing Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand!, I didn’t want to just write another exposé. I wanted much more.

I could tell that people were confused about what was going on with politics in Washington. This confusion was caused by several things:

1)We were not getting the truth from the press which is now owned by just 6 corporations;

2) Statistics were being made up and altered to push agendas;

3) Words were thrown about that were not correctly defined so even though we were speaking English, we weren’t speaking the same language;

4) There were people behind the scenes who were manipulating the progression of events;

5) There is an entrance point by these people into our society that allows them to carry out all these things that are not in the best interest of our country; and 6) Most of the bad things happening were actually being pushed and promoted by these people behind the scenes as a way to keep the people divided and at war with one another so that these hidden manipulators could get by with what they were doing.

You’ve seen this scenario time and again in TV shows and movies: “You go over there and create a diversion so we can get into the castle over here and kidnap the princess.”

I thought we needed more than an exposé. We needed a handbook that defines the words being used in politics today. I took great pains to define the words right as I used them, and then provided a glossary at the end of the book with all of these words defined again for future reference. Understanding these words will make it possible to understand the ideas, and when the ideas are understood, a person can act within reality and not some made-up world that doesn’t really exist and is the basis of the confusions.

I think anyone reading my book will recognize that I am a student of liberty and self-rule, and that in my opinion that is the ideal form of society. The people who founded this country went to great lengths to preserve our self-rule form of government that was brought here from England. (Read The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods for more on that.)

I devote much of my book to you and what you are doing or not doing. You see, a free society will only exist if individuals strive to obtain the highest level of responsibility for himself, his family and his country. It is not up to the other person – it is up to you and the choices you make every day.

I included in my book a look at what America should be so that we could go toward a better country. If we don’t know what direction we are supposed to go, we will probably never get there.

I try to prove you up against propaganda, which is used to delude you and get you to react emotionally. Hopefully, after reading my book you will be more aware when the press is trying to manipulate your thinking.

I break apart the myth of Left/Right, Conservative/Liberal, which is just another way to get us fighting one another. The real sides in this fight are Liberty versus Tyranny, or self-rule versus the dictatorial rule of a central government. Haven’t we seen enough horrible examples of the latter in the 20th Century? Nazi Germany, Communist China, the Soviet Union, to name a few. That is what happens when you concentrate power into a central elite who control the police, the army, the money system, the economy. It goes very bad and people suffer.

The people who would push us down the road to a dictatorial central government act in secrecy. They know they are harming the common man and that if enough people woke up to what they were really doing, they would be out of a job or in jail. So they plot and take over the money system and buy up the press and push drugs on you, and then if you try to fight back, they put you down as a “conspiracy theorist” and say things about your mental competency.

So Divided We Are Falling But United We Could Stand is not just another book. It is the handbook for understanding and a way to lift us out of the propaganda so we can stand up and defend ourselves and work together for a brighter tomorrow that we are in control of.

Please read my book and get others to read it and let’s make a huge difference in the coming 2016 elections. There has never been a better time to claim our independence!


TLB highly recommends you visit Duke at is website and find out more on how you can order this great book.

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