TLB Special – Parental Rights & the Family Bond Under Attack: Grandparents Rights

Grandparents vs parents rights

Preface by Show Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

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Once again the government (state) steps in to redefine parental rights. Once again the family unit, as it has existed for millennia, is under attack from men who stand to gain, with no conscience or little consideration of the ramifications.

The Family bond is the basic building block of society from which morals, loyalty, respect, conscience, compassion and the sharing of historical knowledge are derived. We are seeing the steady erosion of parental rights across this country in many scenarios from DCF, Common Core, medical kidnapping and more.

For those who seek absolute power and unquestioned loyalty to themselves or the state … it is paramount that this family bond be destroyed so they may assume this role. Please read the following short article and listen to this alarming TLB Special discussion.

If we as a society allow the family unit to be supplanted by oligarchs or an all powerful state … We can never call ourselves a free people again, and the state will in fact own our children!


Grandparents vs parents rights 2
Kenneth Paschal & Daughter

By TLB Contributor & Show Co-Host: Terri LaPoint

Kenneth Paschal is a dad, as well as a U.S. Army retired First Sergeant. He is the Birmingham Chapter President and Director of Governmental Affairs for the Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA). He is very politically involved as a citizen fighting for parents rights, passionately defending the right (and basic human need) of children to have access to both fit parents.

Austin Burdick is also a father, and an Alabama family law attorney. His focus is Constitutional law. He understands how the system works and what keeps the wheels of family courts turning.

These two gentlemen have teamed up to discuss a disturbing situation that is unfolding at this very moment in one of the most conservative states in the country – a state which declares as its motto, “We Dare Defend Our Rights” – Alabama

Since this discussion was recorded House bill 237, the Grandparents bill, just overwhelmingly passed the House on Thursday, 4/23. Out of 105 House members, 98 were present. 89 of those 98 voted for the Grandparents bill, with only 9 dissenting votes. Next will be the Senate vote, where it has already easily passed out of committee. Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Jones, family law attorney, hasn’t even placed House Bill 213, the Fundamental Parental Rights bill, on the agenda. Both bills were introduced at the beginning of the 2015 session. While the simple Fundamental Parental Rights bill struggles to be heard, the Grandparents bill is sailing through the political process.

Folks, this is really bad when a state can let a bill fly on through that gives one group of people rights over kids that they didn’t have before, while dragging their feet on a bill which would secure God-given, fundamental human rights for parents to direct the care, upbringing, and education of our own children. This should scare everybody.

The ramifications of these actions are staggering.

As we watch parental rights crumble before us across the nation, politicians are willing to grant grandparents legal rights over children, compelling parents to pony up money to fight costly court battles, creating more chaos and havoc in the home. Who benefits from this insanity? It certainly isn’t the children. Paschal and Burdick offer keen insight into the insidious agenda behind this battle – a battle coming soon to a state near you.


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