The Destruction of the American Family … Will Your Children Be Next?

The Destruction of the American Family … Will Your Children Be Next?

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Shamefully or alarmingly there is nothing new here for those who have read the many similar cases reported on by TLB. Linda’s accounting is superb in detail and chronology, but heart wrenching in content and presentation. Our children are now a commodity, a mechanism for a corrupt system to enrich those we are conditioned to trust as the protectors of our children, yet their actions produce just the opposite via the accelerating destruction of the American family unit … for their profit or career gains.

All of this is bolstered by a government that encourages these actions and indeed perpetuates them via federal incentives. The law be damned, the family unit be damned, what is best for the child be damned … for the related agencies (DCS, DCF, DCYF, CPS, or whatever it is called in your state), judges, lawyers, prosecutors, orphanages, foster homes, big pharma (drug trials and medical experimentation), etc… all that counts is the criminal greed of those who profit from the ever increasing Destruction of the American Family!

What we present here is a letter TLB received from a grandmother in distress over the insane treatment by a corrupt government that has wreaked havoc on her family. She has asked that we publish this in her name, and present it in her words and thoughts, on what she sees as the absolute arrogance of government out of control. So I wont bias this commentary with my thoughts on her suffering … Linda does a great job of presenting her thoughts and facts.

Please read it and share it because the big question here is … out of the countless children unfairly or unlawfully removed from their loving families in America each year …

Will your children be next? 

And if you feel this can’t happen to you, that your parental or constitutional rights will protect you, or that your children actually belong to you and not the corrupt nanny state … we will shower you with cases of those who thought just that, and each one will sicken you with its obvious injustice and mental torture suffered by the destroyed families! (see links below commentary)


Children Taken By State of Florida

This Commentary was Contributed to TLB by Linda Whitaker

Last year my Grandchildren, twins Mary and Ella Christman age 11 at the time and Lisa Reichard age 6 were taken from my daughter, their mother, Katie Jo Christman, in Fort Walton, Florida.

Katie and her boyfriend Jason Osbourne had left Tennessee (TN) looking for work. Jason had a job lead but by the time they arrived the job was filled. Liking the area they decided to stay and try to find work. School had started and not wanting the girls to miss school they enrolled them. They ended up staying in their van while trying to find work and housing. The school the twins were in understood the situation and were giving leads and links to help. At Lisa’s school a coach, Mr Cash proceeded to start an argument with Katie that she should not own dogs and had to get rid of them. Kate informed him she would not get rid of her dogs but return them to TN to her step-dad Maburn Whitaker. After this argument Katie and Jason decided to return to TN that weekend. Katie called Maburn and informed him they were coming home. Katie and the girls had lived with him watching his home for him while he was on the road for the last five (5) years. The girls were excited to be going back.

When Katie arrived that Friday to pick up Lisa at school she was met by police officers. The state had already questioned the girls without any prior knowledge to Katie. They dismissed the answers from the twin girls age 11 and chose to go with what a 6 year old said.The initial charge was neglect and the only thing they had was they were still living in the van and Katie had a drink earlier that day but was not over any legal limit. When Katie informed them they had a home to go and were preparing to do so that weekend they still took the girls. There were no charges of abuse sexual or physical. It is NOT a crime to be homeless and be looking for work in this country.

Since that time this state has done everything they can to keep these girls rather then unite them with Katie or family. They have dug into anything they can find in the past including over 20 years ago. While my son Raymond Christman had an issue when he was 14 in Montana with his adoptive father, he was proven innocent and the father was at fault. This was clear back in 1990, 27 years ago. Since that time he has married and he and his wife Stephanie have been through a complete federal and state background check and became foster parents in the state of Idaho for the last 3 years. The state of Idaho was made aware of the situation with Katie and were willing to take the girls not as foster but if necessary adoption placing them with their Uncle Raymond Christman. Raymond and his wife have already been approved by the state of Idaho to take these three girls. When the Idaho contacted Florida they were shut down. Idaho has copies of all investigations done on Raymond and Stephanie ready to send for Florida but again Florida refuses to even look at these or do a background check of their own. They have chosen to go on hearsay.

Raymond and his wife have made several calls to the office in Florida as they were informed to do by the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children office in Florida. Again Florida had to go back 27 years to find a reason to not send the children to Stephanie and Raymond Christman  but to keep them there in Florida. They are going on hearsay and have not even done a background check to check this out.

The state of Florida has done everything they can to keep Katie away from going where she would also have support of family including keeping her and the children from returning to the home they had lived in for the last 5 years because it was her STEP Father not a blood relative. The state of Florida has refused to let Katie have her Cell phone on her for meetings or visitation where she could record things being said or take pictures of the children. When Katie rec’d a phone call the caseworker made Katie put the call on speaker phone so she could listen. A very big breach of privacy. They had tried to force Katie into taking drugs for depression making her believe that if she did not it would hinder her getting her girls back. It took family and a lady I only know by the name of Donna from HUD to get a stop put to this. The state of Florida has NO right to try to force anyone to take a drug that the person does not want to take.

While Katie was given a court appointed attorney that person refuses to take her calls work with her on her concerns including the fact Katie had a job and was given the choice to quit or be fired because, once she had the job DCS started changing visitation times and days and calling this meeting and adding this meeting to the point it was interfering with Katie’s job. She has a letter from the employer stating this and both her attorney and the state have chosen to ignore this yet getting the job was a requirement. This attorney has gone as far as telling Katie to just sign over her children to the state. What kind of attorney does this … even a state appointed one.

At the last visitation one of the 12 year olds was aloud to tell Katie they were being sent to Mississippi. Not only is this untrue , the state should NOT be telling the children such things. These things are to be discussed by the all adults involved in meetings without the children present. The children are NOT used as pawns and tools. And again Katie is not allowed to record these meetings.

There was NO legal reason to take these children from their mother. She had not broke any laws. The children were NOT in danger’

There is NO legal or legitimate  reason to keep these girls from their Uncle and Aunt other then  someone in Florida wants at least one and there is money to be made for the state and that county office.

Again. Raymond and Stephanie Christman own their own home and property. Own their own transportation . Stephanie is a registered nurse. Both have been trained to work with troubled children and do so. They come highly recommended and have been approved through the state of Idaho to receive these girls both as foster and or adoption. Katie Christman has also agreed to surrender her rights to her brother and sister in-law. The girls would have access to two sets of Grandparents and numerous Aunts,Uncles and Cousins from both side of the family.

They are now trying to make the youngest, at 7 years of age, suffers from ADHD and trying to say she needs to be drugged.

There are many instances of the State of Florida breaking and bending both Federal and State laws and regulations to fit their needs and wants. It is known by this family that ALL states receive adoption incentive pay from the Federal Government to adopt children under the age of 18 within their own state and there is extra incentive pay for children with needs. The State of Florida has put money ahead of family and what is best for the children and keeping the children with family.

It has become apparent this has become a country of the Government for the Government by the Government instead of  a country for the people. A Government and the State of Florida for the rich, and for money, over what is best for the children of the Country or the State of Florida.

With that said and realized we have decided to continue our battle sending letters and emails not only to Government and State offices, but to let the real American people know know how not only the States, but the Federal Government, are in the trade business of buying and selling our children.


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2 Comments on The Destruction of the American Family … Will Your Children Be Next?

  1. Hello Kathryn- So sorry for you and the hell you must be going through. I have put your comment/story out to several people that may be able to give your story some traction toward resolution. Best Regards, Ralph Ely, Sr. Editor, TLB

  2. DCF in Kansas has taken the heart and soul of my grand children! They took the kids with no evidence! My grand son told me a few days ago that he doesn’t like what DCF is doing to our family! An eight year old child said this! Would anyone know how this feels? My son wouldn’t put up his x-wife getting abortions, he got the kids in the divorce. To put these boys through hell with DCF it would of been better if they weren’t born. That is a terrible thing to say but they are taken from us, we have no time to enjoy our life, the kids are miserable, we are heart broken, and DCF is using them for a cash cow. We have missed the last three years with our grandsons to take them camping, fishing, or horse back riding! We only talk about it and wish it would be true! God Bless our children!

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