TLB Special Show with Lynnette Marie, The Organic Guru: GMOs Label or Ban

GMO labeling or banning


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Weather to label or go straight for the ban is a discussion we at TLB are hearing more about by the day, and this has the potential to split a strong movement gaining strength across this nation. This is what I see as the weakness of putting all our eggs in the labeling basket …

Labeling is a Trojan horse … Once successful it will dissuade many from continuing in the struggle to ban these poisons all together, and victory will be declared.

Except it will not outlaw the use of bio-toxins, it will not stop cross contamination or horizontal gene transfer, or any other evil associated with GM or GE products. The biosphere, the poorer factions of humanity and those without a voice will continue to be poisoned. How does this factor into your drive for labeling?

We at TLB do understand and appreciate the argument for labeling, but do not necessarily agree, because success on labeling will do nothing but hamper forward motion for outright banning with Biotech and the government stating, You asked for labeling and we gave it to you, and that is all you get (obviously not these words but you get the gist)!

So in retrospect most will wake up to the fact that they have accomplished next to nothing. Any struggle from that point on will be exponentially more difficult, if possible at all.

Do we at TLB appreciate all those who work diligently for labeling? YES! Do we believe their hearts (most, not all) are pure and in the right place? YES … but …

I used to support labeling strongly myself, but via all the research and digging TLB has done over the years I have come to realize … Labeling is a trap or a Trojan horse to placate the angry masses and put control of the endgame in Biotech’s hands!

The following (recorded) discussion delves into this topic much deeper. Please take the time to listed …

TLB Special (archived) with Lynnette Marie,

The Organic Guru

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YES or NO are the ONLY answers Needed

Do you demand answers as to why certain people want to stamp a label on a poison product, but not demand the poisoning of our children and planet be stopped?! We demand those answers.


By TLB Contributor: Lynnette Marie (Fuel for the Body)

Read on to understand my passion and stance of no compromise:


YES or NO.

Do YOU want a clean and toxic-free planet? Do you want clean food, clean water and clean air?

(back to these questions at the end of this note)

Many of you have asked, “ What led you on your organic crusades and mission out-reach?” Many of you think I just came from out of nowhere. Some think that I have “my own agenda”. Others can’t believe I stay grounded in this world of confusion and madness. I appreciate each and every one of you for your questions and continued support. I appreciate all of the companies which continue to support each of my (OUR) missions.

The answers are very simple. I began my studies, research and quest for truth, honesty and a cure for our son’s “incurable” disease, Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. (Our son, Coty encountered 28 surgeries and 2 near death experiences with 7 different surgeons with this deadly disease). I began this quest 22 years ago, but with no avail or light at the end of the tunnel. Back then, I had only known to rely on the doctors of the western medicine to treat and keep our son alive. The years went on and the disease progressed further and further, UNTIL his 2nd near death experience. (more on our son’s illness and cure on my blog under, Not All Wheezers Are Asthmatic). This last terrifying experience led my family to a total shift in gears in which WE demanded answers and truths and direction from the doctors. Once we found the doctor who was able to treat and CURE our son just 10 years ago, I began my awakening and understanding of the truth of how the systematic pharmaceutical and medicine world works along with the greedy politics who slip their fingers in every move that is made.

This awakening led me to shout out from the roof tops to the world that WE FOUND A CURE for this deadly disease that takes more lives of children than HIV or heart related diseases do. Our family was on to something, on to curing and SAVING children and saving a ton of money for the families of children suffering this deadly disease. Wow, we can now help children all over the country suffering. Woo hoo, “We found the cure and lives will be saved,” so we thought. We started a foundation on our son’s behalf, The Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis. We set this up as a 501c3 with the IRS for raising money SOLELY for the purpose of handing every dime of that money back to the families who needed travel to the only doctor in America able to cure this disease. We held seminars, press conferences with VP’s of the children’s hospitals, otolaryngologist and scientist. We made our message loud and clear, so loud that we were SILENCED and shoved under a deep tunnel of confusion and deception. We were crushed to find that the powers that be were the ‘powers that deceive’. We lost 4 children in one year due to neglect, dishonesty and greed. We were insulted and accused of bringing ‘quackery’ to the public. Due to the fact that we lived in Memphis, TN (the WRONG place to even think about mentioning a cure or bringing a promising truth foundation) we had many big players and politics to contend with. This led us to heart break and financial ruin, for you cannot successfully operate a charitable foundation without a million dollars in the bank. We competed with St. Jude, LeBonnheur Children’s Hospital and the University of Tennessee for funding. Needless to say, we were vetoed before we even requested. None the less, we funded the organization our from our own family’s income until we could DO NO MORE. Then we just decided to at least get the message out and at least get the kids to Denver to be treated. We did get the help of Angel Flight life line to serve these precious souls. After a long stretch of continued slaps in the face and being told our information will NEVER be accepted, we became prey to the powers that be and we just gave up and decided we have a family to feed with our 2 other children. Therefore, we stopped all that we had begun in 2005. (We started this foundation in 2003).

Give up you ask? No, just stayed silent for all these years due to disheartenment and due to the fact that the USA wreaked havoc upon the curing doctor. Therefore, he left to go back to Switzerland. I saw this, and decided that if they run a doctor who practices medicine in a western medical hospital in Presbyterian St. Luke in Denver, CO then who am I to stand the test of time? Years of silent I became. During those years of silence, I silently researched, studied, worked at holistic doctor’s offices and took classes, direct education from amazing doctors. I studied the greed of the government and all the tangled webs they so beautifully weave. I studied all the many legs and strings to each web. I watched my dad work his way through the tightly woven web. (This later led to his murder in August of 2013) I worked in the world quietly and studiously.

We then opened our first organic retail shop and oxygen bar in Florida in 2009. This led me to study closely the purity of organic companies. We ONLY sold the best and the purest of products in our shop with the health of the planet and families in mind. As I sat in our shop, I began unraveling the twisted, knotted highway to deception. I began to become non-fearful and once again introduce the message about our son’s deadly disease. I began writing and documenting all I researched. This led me to write my first book: ‘Lose Weight…The Pate Weigh’. Then on to my next book: ‘Fuel for the Body’. As I sat in my shop, I realized that I am only reaching a small public in one town in Florida. I saw the need to get OUT and educate the masses with great organic and eye opening information. Therefore, I decided to QUIETLY prepare and organize a 3 person bicycle T.O.U.R. (Total Organic Understanding Ride). This T.O.U.R. would last for 30 days and travel from Cincinnati, OH to West Palm Beach, FL. This T.O.U.R. was to educate and empower the public about organic and sustainable living as well as help them to heal/cure and restore their health just as OUR family did.

This T.O.U.R. was completely SELF FUNDED by my husband and myself with the sales of my book. I did have the support of some amazing sponsors to help offset the food costs. These sponsors were Navita’s Naturals, Celtic Sea Salt, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Manitoba Harvest and Garden of Life. We had a great 3 person T.O.U.R. for the 30 days. We empowered the east coast, educated the colleges, high schools and elementary schools. We even made splashes at random events along the way. The rest is history, as noted on my web pages with the continued success of the T.O.U.R.s

I tell you all of this to make points that as I sought out quietly and persistently to get the solid message out and that I did NOT compromise my food and my family’s health. Hey, I was guilty of participating in the ‘Right to Know’ march, the ‘Just Label It’ campaigns, the ‘Just Say No to GMO’. Yes, I did all of that. THEN, as I remembered my past experiences with my son and his disease and my kidney surgery and my dad’s stories and the deception from the western medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies, I looked very deeply at what message I, myself was putting out to the public. I remembered that the very message I was putting out was MISLEADING. What, you ask? How could I think this? As I looked deep within and glazed at the public, I started to see the REPEATS of what deception I had already experienced years ago. THIS simply gave me another awakening. I will be damned if I am fooled again and deceived by the ‘green washing’ that appears to be going on. I mean as I turned my entire world around to come to RESTORE the health of my child, my kidney and my family, to find that the ‘safe haven’ I sought is also misleading the people! NO, I will not sit fearful by anymore and let this happen.

By this, I mean, it is ALL or NOTHING. Why on earth would I accept or expect the public to accept anything LESS than pure, clean and toxic-free foods? Why would I compromise my health only to choose the “better of the evils”? Why on earth would I slip back into a maze of mirrors? Why would I jeopardize my family’s health, the health of the planet? Why would I compromise MY integrity or health? I realized that the old saying stands true to the test of all times. “Watch where the crowd runs, then run the opposite direction, as they are usually wrong”. My dad was so true to this. He ALWAYS looked and WALKED the opposite direction of the crowd. I found myself doing exactly what I was taught NOT to do. “Snap out of it,” I told myself. Thus, my researching the research began again.

This long story serves to make my point and moral to these questions:

So our team of 6 and I have been accused of having ‘an agenda of our own Pure Integrity label’. Hmmm. Well, your honor, the jury is back and we have been FOUND GUILTY! GUILTY of wanting TRUTH, INTEGRITY, PURITY AND A TOXIC-FREE PLANET. GUILTY of spreading the TRUTH to a misled society. GUILTY as charged! But let us make ONE correction. You mentioned a ‘label’.
The Pure Integrity Verified Seal is NOT a label (sticker) it is a SEAL. SEAL of INTEGRITY. 😉

Let me ask again the questions from the beginning of the blog.

  1. Do you want clean food?
  2. Do you want clean water?


  • Pick one: YES or NO

If your answer is YES. Then the only SOLUTION to combat the toxic world we live in is to help the public choose the TRUE companies who are already making their products with NO toxic chemicals, additives or hormones, period.

We DEMAND complete transparency and trust in the foods we purchase for our families. We simply can NOT pretend to solve the problem and ONLY require just a FEW ingredients to be pure. I mean, like taking the ‘yoga mat’ out of the bread from Sub Way was a great move. BUT WHY did it stop there? Why take ONE ingredient out, when the rest of the ingredients are cancer causing and toxic combustion ingredients. Just the same as demanding the cereal companies to remove the BHT from their cereals, only addressing ONE TINY aspect of the toxicity. Why compromise? Why not clean it all up? This is why it does NO good to go after the big food industry companies. They are going to do what they are going to do. HOWEVER, IF we approach the “Organic” companies to bring their foods clean and toxic free, then we keep the INTEGRITY ALIVE in the organic world and therefore the organic companies will see NO need to sell out to the big food giants. Because the food giants are NOT buying companies, THEY ARE BUYING YOU, the CONSUMER! What will YOUR choice be?

If you do NOT believe that YOU can make THIS vital difference, then please read this below short statement from one of our team members:

“I have to let you know, in the last 48 hours, a group of us went on a challenge spree. We created so much of a stir, we literally upset all 50 states, plus many many cities and towns across the US. We uncovered and challenged lies. Just 6 of us did this. Nothing we did was illegal. Everything was an exposure to help this planet. Many of these group’s explicitly demanded their teams and leaders not engage with us or read any of our remarks…..(yes, we saw the emails)….. Not because were mean or bullying mind you, but because they were afraid people would wake up to the truth behind the Labeling measures being pushed. Our group of 6. Imagine what would happen if the people being fooled all joined together to ask the very simple questions we asked…..we didn’t make statements……all we did was ask questions.

Do you want to help our movement grow? Do you demand answers as to why certain people want to stamp a label on a poison product, but not demand the poisoning of our children and planet be stopped!!!!!?????!!!!!!!

Do you? Do you want to know? So do I. Stay tuned and I’ll explain how you can help us, to help you.”
By: Rudy TwoMoon. You can find his awesome articles and more insight HERE

So as you can see from the above statement, WE DO have the power to end this madness. DEMAND NO COMPROMISES. ONLY a small group of six of us stirred some pots. HOW can YOU help US to help YOU RESTORE the health of the planet?

Come say YES with US. YES to clean food, water and air. Join us on our world wide YES T.O.U.R. and see where we will be SOWING SEEDS in our group mission worldwide out reach to truly BLOOM WHERE WE ARE PLANTED! Stay tuned for how YOU can join us in our Planet Saving grassroots, food-growing, seed-throwing style project…official press release is just around the bend!


Be Pure


TLB highly recommends you visit Lynnette to see the original article and much more pertinent information at:

Fuel for the Body

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  1. I lost my daughter to the” laws” of big Pharm.
    They control the transplant teams and drugs that are used that the human body can’t even tolerate. Our children (families ) are lab rats .I’ve lost a child so somebody can make money!!!!!! Poison floods our planet, our food and our air. People’s lives are traded like commodities !!!! This has to end !

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