TLB Special – ‘The Seed’, A GMO Story: A Great Discussion With Producer & Actor David Christopher

The Seed

By Show Host, Author & TLB Founder: Roger Landry (TLB)

Today we as a society are very dependent on multimedia for our consciousnesses. Visual, audio and in ever lessening degrees, text media, are the tools of our awareness. The days of reading books, magazines or even news papers are fading into obscurity as the frontier of instant multi-faceted media progresses.

So what better way to get a message across to a majority of this society than a feature film. The facts, the science and the ramifications all tied up in a well told story many can relate to from the most basic to the most comprehensive levels.

‘The Seed’ fits the above description to a tee. A story of real lives affected by the corporate monstrosities so prevalent in our oligarchical society today. Corporatism, GMOs, Cross-pollination, Lawsuits, Heart-break, Greed and Complicity all mechanisms in a scenario portraying life as we see it unfolding across this land today.

If we are going to reach the masses with a vital message … it must be delivered in a form of media able to entertain, inform and educated simultaneously. It must touch the heart as well as capture the mind.

Please listen to this great discussion with my special guest, David Christopher as he explains the above concepts in more detail. David did not wish to produce a documentary, he wanted to tell a heartfelt and mind opening story!

David Christopher – Producer, Actor, Story Teller


From the minute I first met David, I knew I was dealing with an actor head and shoulders above the rest. He possesses a controlled intensity that is absolutely magnetic. The man is a workhorse. He shows up prepared and open to direction. He comes ready to play and contribute. He’s a generous team player committed to the success of everyone around him. I am blessed to have met David. He took on the role of Fisher Rood in a way I could only have dreamed of. Working with David was both a delight and an honor. He’s a leading man in every sense of the word.”

Charles Wiedman
Writer/Director – The Sinner


… And the story begins … ‘The Seed’ a Brief Synopsis

A small town, Texas corn farmer is forced to battle a powerful GMO seed corporation in order to save his family farm. This true-to-life, character driven drama offers a touching portrayal of a man who’s values are put to the test in a dispute between the rights of the individual vs. the patent claims of the corporation.

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“Every Seed Is A Promise”


You can help make this vital project of awareness and education possible by visiting the link below. We all know these mega corporations, and our complicit government agencies will not suddenly find a conscience, so it is up to us … We the people … to make a difference using the most effective and accurate means possible to ensure maximum impact … A Great Story !!!

If you truly believe the GMO story must be brought into the American consciousness, you are not alone. This project is backed by over three dozen domestic and global Anti-GMO and Pro-Health organizations of renown! Please visit the website to see a list by clicking on the links below. Become a part of something good, bold, innovative and special.

Thank you for your time David Christopher. Your dreams, efforts and talent are most appreciated !!!

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