TLB Special With Patriot & Author William Muckler

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TLB is proud to present our second discussion with Patriot and Author William Muckler.


It takes a special individual to not only present the problems, but also the solutions. Today we are privileged to have our second discussion with William Muckler, TLB Contributor and author of – 20/20 A CLEAR VISION FOR AMERICA. William has watched the degradation of this country for four generations but unlike most who only rail against this tyranny … he has formulated solutions well within the realm of We The People.

20/20 A CLEAR VISION FOR AMERICA is a first ever written book of solutions creatively designed to show readers there is a way to live a prosperous life free of government intervention, unjust taxes and oppressive regulations

Please listen to this great discussion (click on TLB Radio logo) and visit Bill’s website 20/20 America and find out more about his outstanding book.

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Patriotism in Our Youth is Far From Dead

Tony Leone, a Junior at St. Charles West High School in St. Charles, Missouri conducted this interview with Bill Muckler on March 30, 2015. The book 20/20: A Clear Vision for America is being read as part of the class work for Tony’s Civics Course. The interview was for extra credit as a result of reading the book.. The interview gives the unique perspective of a sixteen year old student’s view of America.

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