The Value of Truth in the American Dream


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Finding Truth

A lot of elements can come together to promote a nightmare; hard to digest food before bed time, a stiff drink, even a prescriptive medication… but most likely these are just catalysts for that horrific expression called a “bad dream” to manifest from deep inside. Surely, there are many triggers that can formulate a nightmare, but more than likely it comes from some sort of trauma. Of course, trauma is a broad description, but here we will use it for describing what we cannot cope with while conscious, and speculate what many psychologists describe as our subconscious mind’s primary purpose to be, to formulate a conclusion for the promotion of sanity

To stay healthy, lucid, balanced and sane comes from what our subconscious minds unravel and reties together for our conscious world’s consideration. This function, this subconscious aspect of our mind, have been well known for thousands of years, and cultures were taught to trust what their subconscious minds formulated as they dream. The term “Let me sleep on that…” was used before every valuable decision in societies around the world. Arguments, debates, even legal systems adjoined for a future date, to let information settle, and to come to conclusion. However, we must understand one point that is the essence of this amazing process. In order to come to a viable determination we must have one primary element in the mix to consider, on one side or the other… there must be truth. Now, I am not saying that the truth of the matter is always recognized, or that it is always wanted, especially if there is some form of accountability involve, litigation, a moral or ethical bias, or even a fear of taking responsibility. Still, to conclude takes truth, whether we are prepared at the time to face it. Yes, there is purity and a power in truth, and this makes some uncomfortable…



When an appalling or shocking trauma happens to us, sometimes we cannot sort it out consciously. War, the death of a loved one, losing a job, is from time to time not easy to cope with, especially if it is sudden. We can go into a virtual psychological tailspin that some say only time will heal, but if we cannot find the truth of the matter, it is not easily resolved. Yes, a survival technique, one might say… and if no truth can be found, with time, in order to cope rationally, some might attempt to bury it deep inside, out of sight and out of mind. And yet, though some may try to push it aside in the light of day, when we dream what is unresolved is laid bare and all displayed as an open book. We will justify, validate, and rationalize to stay sane, and anything, even a lie, can be used to sort out a balanced formulation… But Truth will always surface, like a universal law, and what you will has no regard in the matter.

Memories of these dreams may seem distorted upon awakening because on the conscious level we think mostly linear, generally like putting one foot in front of the other. The dream does not work that way. Some social scientists describe dreaming to be an attempt to formulate reason, but it is a bit more complex because the language of dreams are metaphorical symbols, and some of these symbols belong only to the person dreaming… 

Some Physiological scientists have attempted to unravel the content of dreams, but this is shrouded in mostly conjecture… One thing is mostly agreed upon, however, it is the metaphorical aspect or quality of our dreams that makes it appear so chaotic to the waking mind… 

My primary supposition in this paper is that trauma has great difficulty being resolved when there is a lack of truth, and we, as an individual, as a society and nation, will sink deeper in despair, despondency, and finally lose hope… look around and you will see the workings of this nearly everywhere. 

Like poetry, like art in all of its many forms, like music and the Love we design consciously and unconsciously to fill our hearts, truth is the primary pivot point for all of what we do. The balance in imbalance, the symmetry in asymmetry we try to understand as consciousness, and society’s cohesive formulations of right and wrong, good and bad become indistinct without the light of truth. 

This is the primary reason we are having such social upheaval, why or children are searching for truth even in negative and evil incarnations, why we have laws that bind our spirit without a thought for justice… and so, of everything we need and want in our lives, what is more important than truth? It is the very key, the essence of what Liberty is, and the fuel for our Constitutional Republic’s survival… but it is more than that, it is, in its finality, the key to our very souls. It is truth that gives us the American Dream, and without it a nightmare.


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