TLB’s Full Support for “A Shot of Truth”, Ban of Mercury-Containing Vaccines

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TLB announces our full support for the “A Shot of Truth Ban of Mercury-Containing Vaccines” letter and action plan. We have done our research and published many articles pertaining to this matter, here are a few …

Thimerosal & Autism: The Most Destructive Lie ever Told

Thimerosal (Mercury): Sacrificing Your Health for Profit

The CDC & the Vaccine (Thimerosal) to Autism Link: They Knew & They Lied

When will enough of us realize that these government agencies responsible for our health are corrupt or complicit beyond recognition and serve only their Big Pharmaceutical masters? How many more must die or be incapacitated for life before we join our voices and push forward with a force that cannot be discounted or ignored?

TLB asks that you join us in supporting A Shot of Truth in this endeavor and together we can remove the scourge of Thimerosal forever. Read the included information (links below) and show your support by signing the letter .. for your health and the health of our children present and future ..



A Shot of Truth Calls for a Complete Ban of Mercury-Containing Vaccines.

Read the December 17, 2013 letter to the HHS Secretary, FDA Commissioner and CDC Director.

Read the documents which clearly demonstrate mercury containing vaccines have caused a huge rise in the autism rate as well as documents that show our federal health agencies have been aware of this for a long time.

Please join us in supporting the letter and your name or organization name will appear below to support the complete removal of mercury (thimerosal) containing vaccines as well as the contents of the letter. 

Support Our Letter and Learn More Here:

TLB highly recommends you visit A Shot Of Truth for more great/pertinent articles and information.

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