TLBTalk Radio: Thinning Down The Herd

TLBTalk Radio (Episode #5): Thinning Down The Herd

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Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

On today’s show (as I promised) we jump back onto the most critical and diabolical issue facing humanity today … the vaccine issue.

For all who are not paying serious attention to these mechanisms of health destruction, there is an easy explanation, a scenario that is commonly used for misdirection or redirection … It is behind door number one, and you are now focused on the catastrophes presented to you behind door number two.

With the proof jumping out at us daily of the serious side effects and the possibilities of death or long-term harm, it behooves those who would play god to keep your attention focused elsewhere (Canada, Ukraine, etc…), while they make their desperate attempts to get as many more of us vaccinated before too many of us awaken to this clear and present danger … This is the intention of this episode … to quicken that awakening

If you wish to understand the meaning behind the title of this episode “Thinning Down The Herd”, it will be well defined in the show you are about to listen to. No, this is not hype, it is not exaggeration, nor is it lies … but I will let you be the judge for that. My task is to present you with the information I am aware of in hopes it will help to hasten said awakening …

The Three Main Topics covered on today’s show

  1. A Pandemic or a Plandemic

  2. What the hell are they calling Vaccines

  3. The explosion of Global Authoritarianism


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Show Talking Points, Vital Links & Pertinent Videos

This is not a vaccine and does not qualify as a vaccine

This isn’t a global viral Pandemic, it’s a Plandemic, killing millions … soon to be billions?

Is this a PCR test PLANDEMIC … PCR test cannot differentiate between COVID and the common flu … Millions of false (COVID) positives … massive manipulation of numbers …

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What happened to the massive number of cases of flu we see each year globally, that are all but missing for the last two years?

CDC stating these vaccines cannot keep you from getting COVID, cannot keep your body from storing COVID, cannot keep you from transmitting COVID … yet all who are vaccinated are free to spread COVID.

More people are dying today from (supposed) COVID who are vaccinated than those who are not … yet it is the vaccinated that qualify for vaccination passes/passports

Vaccine manufacturers stating trouble ahead to their investors …

More massive data manipulation … If you are just vaccinated and die, it is not from the vaccine … it must be outside 14 days to qualify as a vaccine related death … if you die in a car accident but test positive for COVID, it is classified as a COVID death … again, massive manipulation of numbers

Children dying from COVID is almost impossible (.002% chance of dying and most of that due to comorbidities), but they must take the most dangerous pharma product in history … They are killing and sterilizing our children … intentionally !!!

Embalmers finding over 90% with massive fibrous blood clots … in vaccinated … this is a ticking time-bomb … and the trend is rapidly increasing.

Click on the image below to read article & see Vital Pertinent Videos:

This Shot, Jab … NOT Vaccine was NEVER to save you from something … It was to GIVE you something … and the vaccinated (via transmission) are their tools.

Sterility, Organ failure, Heart attacks, Myocarditis … but you damn well better take it !!!

Georgia Guidestones: Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million In Perpetual Balance With Nature

Even with all we know for sure now, global tyrants and authoritarians are making themselves seen more by the day …. get vaccinated or else … MANDATES … WHAT THE HELL ???

If this is not a plan to thin down (genocide) and control the herd … I will kiss your naked butt on main-street at high noon … and let you sell tickets … !!!


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2 Comments on TLBTalk Radio: Thinning Down The Herd

  1. @Dave NY … Your comments are appreciated … I don’t agree with you about the clot numbers (90% for vaccinated bodies) being exaggerated. Please look at the second video (below the show), time 3:22 and you will hear the interviewer ask the embalmer, and her verify that 28 out of the last 30 cases she performed had the clots … That equals over 90% … I don’t exaggerate or lie my friend! I also don’t full agree on your thoughts as to the ineffectiveness of protest (truckers), although I do ‘somewhat’ agree with your reasoning. NOTHING about this is for “entertainment”, but I do appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  2. Roger, Just listening to ur Sunday show now. The passion and ruthless common sense is powerful, as usual. But there are various inaccuracies or exaggerations. So Taking this as entertainment works. E.g. – Embalmers are not finding 90% of patients with blood clots. One lady did out of about 28 patients. The other guy had maybe 50% if I recall coreectly. The MOST IMPORTANT part of your article is that lady speaking to the school board with specific laws they are violating. Now, presentments of affidavits or seisure of bonds is doing something. Trucks clogging up highways and being a nusiance smacks of MLK riots destroying your backyard in Newark NJ AND facilitates financial confiscations etc etc…their telegraphed methods. Protesting does not work in this tyrrany. Real action against and away from (separating from their system) solves many problems. Where IS and WAS the movement to do such ? We r very lazy and spiiled. Fat Dump Happy. How will that work out for you ?

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