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EPA, CDC, FDA, Friend or Foe … Big Pharma, Corrupted Science & Government

Show preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

This week on “Eradicating Programmed Ignorance” we offer you a great guest, Dr. David Lewis (see bio below). Dr. Lewis is someone who is eminently qualified to discuss the topic of Big Pharma, Biotech and Chemical companies encroachment into our lives, and their ability to influence the structure and policies of our regulatory and health agencies. As a result …

Today we in America live in a nation with the highest, or the fastest rising level of Disease, Dysfunction and Infertility.

Over the past three generations the American society has fallen from one of the (if not the) healthiest societies to one of the (if not the) sickest societies on this planet. America can now boast the highest levels of Cognitive dysfunction (Dementia, Alzheimer, Autism, ADHD, etc,,,), autoimmune diseases, food allergies, infant mortality (in industrialized world) and the fastest rising level of infertility on the planet, and that is just the short list!

What the hell has happened to America … ???

Geo-engineering fallout, Vaccines, Fluoride, GMOs, Bio-toxins, Environmental toxins (sewage sludge) and Pharmaceutical drugs, all of these are culminating in a disastrous fall in American health … and it just so happens that America is the most influenced nation on this planet by all these mechanisms.

Is it pure coincidence that this epidemic of failing health just happens to coincide with the rising influence of Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical companies in our lives, and on our regulatory or health agencies and elected representatives? Because if you truly believe so then …

Please watch this show, and see the attached article and videos.

This multimedia presentation is packed with information by one of the (if not the) most qualified individuals on this planet to discuss this topic. If you had any doubt coming in … an Epiphany is sure to ensue!


Have Pharmaceutical Companies Corrupted Science and Government?

Contributed to TLB By Dr. David Lewis & FOCUS for HEALTH

In the article below, Dr. Lewis highlights how the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry’s influence extends into regulatory agencies, as well as to respected journals responsible for publishing scientific literature. Focus for Health supports positive efforts to ensure government transparency in the protection of public health.


The Oconee Enterprise, August 6, 2015:

Pharmaceutical Companies Have Corrupted Science and Government

Recently, big news media ignored Congressman Bill Posey imploring Congress to hold hearings after a leading government scientist admitted the CDC destroyed data linking MMR vaccine to autism in young black children.

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather recently commented that big media is controlled by big government working with big corporations for their mutual benefit. Pharmaceutical companies wield the most influence with Congress and the news media.

Unfortunately, the scientific literature has also been bought out. In 2011, Fiona Godlee, Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal, testified before Parliament that the peer reviewed scientific literature has become the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

If Congress gets its way, things will only get worse. The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the 21st Century Cures Act, which would create a corporation to accelerate the development of new drugs and vaccines. It provides over $9 billion for the NIH and the FDA to fast-track them to market.

This federally-created corporation would, no doubt, be run by highly paid executives passing through the revolving door between government and industry. Instead of relying on case-controlled clinical trials, the new approval process for drugs and vaccines will incorporate anecdotal evidence from patients, parents, advocacy organizations, research sponsors and unnamed “others.” Blindly supporting the pharmaceutical industry appears to be one thing Republicans and Democrats alike have no problem agreeing upon.

Dr. Lewis’ article posted in The Oconee Enterprise – Click to enlarge 2015_8_12 David Lewis Article

This summer, I was one of nine visitors invited to a meeting of the Royal Society of London to discuss growing public skepticism over key areas of science, including climate change and vaccine safety. Much of our discussion centered on the negative impact that pharmaceutical companies and certain federal agencies subject to corporate influence are having on scientific integrity. A recent survey of 1,756 parents in the United States, for example, found 82 percent believe vaccination can benefit public health; but only 32 percent trust information the CDC puts out.

To bolster compliance with CDC vaccine policies, the White House is funding faith-based organizations to promote vaccination. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius noted that religious groups play an important role in keeping communities healthy. It’s shameful that corporate influence has eroded public confidence to the point that religious organizations are being paid to vouch for CDC policies.

After buying out the news media, pharmaceutical companies are focused on controlling scientific journals and lobbying Congress to lower the standards for data used by the FDA and CDC to approve and recommend their products. Congress has shielded pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits over vaccine-related injuries; and its moving toward mandating all CDC-recommended vaccines. Drugs and vaccines are vital to public health. But once Congress and the scientific literature are controlled by pharmaceutical companies, how can the public trust these products? Congress must clean up the corruption.

SOURCE: TLB recommends you visit FOCUS for HEALTH for more pertinent articles & information


Representative calls for government transparency

Recently, Representative Bill Posey implored Congress to investigate charges that CDC scientists manipulated data used to promote its own vaccine schedule.



David Lewis, Ph.D.

Former U.S. EPA Research Microbiologist

David Lewis is an internationally recognized research microbiologist whose work on public health and environmental issues, as a senior-level Research Microbiologist in EPA’s Office of Research & Development and member of the Graduate Faculty of the University of Georgia, has been reported in numerous news articles and documentaries from TIME magazine and Reader’s Digest to National Geographic.

His research on HIV transmission in dentistry published in Lancet and Nature Medicine prompted government health organizations worldwide to adopt the current heat-sterilization standard for dentistry in the 1990s. In 2000, the EPA Administrator awarded him the Science Achievement Award for his research published in Nature concerning the effects of climate change on risks posed by environmental pollutants. More recently, his research on heavy metals and other industrial chemicals in sewage sludge (biosolids) applied to land prompted two congressional hearings, a review by the National Academy of Sciences, and new guidelines issued by the CDC.

Currently, he is a Research Associate with the University of British Columbia’s Neural Dynamics Research Group, where he investigates the role aluminum adjuvants in vaccines may play in increasing risks of pre- and post- natal exposures to environmental pollutants linked to autism. In May 2014, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. in NY will release his book …

Science for Sale: How the U.S. Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits.


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