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TLB TV Show Episode 5a

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

There is a rising tide of dysfunctions/diseases occurring all around us, whether we are speaking of multiple forms of Cancer or Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autoimmune diseases or numerous other dysfunctions/diseases. This affects our entire society and robs us of resources, wealth and most important … our loved ones. Of ever increasing concern is the rising number of our children afflicted by these life altering conditions, because they are our future.

Could there be a direct correlation between the ever increasing number of …

Vaccinations (containing highly neuro-toxic Aluminum and/or Mercury) we are exposed to?

The massive increase of bio-toxins (GLYPHOSATE) that have accumulated in our environment, and found its way into over 90% of our food over the last generation?

The work place exposure to toxins?

The increasingly toxic processed food (Aspartame, MSG or High Fructose Corn products etc…) we eat daily?

The contaminated water (Fluoride, etc…) we consume daily?

The fallout from constant atmospheric spraying of metals (Aluminum) and organic components we are breathing in?


And the rising tide of poor health and mortality we suffer as a society today?

Presently we are witnessing occurrences of so many dysfunctions and debilitating diseases that are reaching catastrophic proportions, yet we see relatively little (certainly nowhere near enough) being accomplished by our government agencies to research and combat these blights (almost as if they already know the answers). If they can mandate vaccinations and healthcare … why not ramped up testing for heavy metals, pathogens and other components (toxins) to build a national database for causal or correlative research …

Don’t hold your breath.

But what if there was a way for us to accomplish this ourselves?

A non-intrusive (no blood letting or extraction required) way to test ourselves and our precious children for just about any harmful substance within our bodies (such as Aluminum, Lead, Mercury or Glyphosate).

A procedure that could be done anywhere, without the hassle or cost of a doctors visit and without generating bio-hazardous materials.

A procedure that was over 99% accurate in the detection of targeted pathogens, chemicals, hormones, heavy metals, and more.

A procedure much more within the range of a concerned mothers budget.

What if I told you that through the efforts and dedication of two outstanding men and their support team … This mechanism is a reality today as the TOXYScreen TEST KIT.



With TOXYScreen oral fluids test kit, screening is no longer painful, invasive or costly and does not even require a visit to the doctors office. Our laboratory’s highly trained technicians use patented equipment and procedures to analyzes the blood plasma found in oral fluid samples.


It’s time to stop complaining and start acting

We have available to us a tool for change. We are now presented with a mechanism that has the ability to put the future of our children’s, or aging parents, health back into our own hands. But your help is needed to get this lifesaving product out of the laboratory and into production to help you, millions of us, and our children.

Can you do without one pack of cigarettes, one flavored coffee, one movie rental? Could you instead dedicate the money from this one time sacrifice to taking control of your, and your families, present and future health? If the millions and growing who are concerned about the toxic effects of vaccine metals, or the millions who are concerned about the toxic effects of GMO bio-toxins, could forgo just one of the above and donate that money (approximately $5) to OFT Labs … Well in the first month of the fund drive the response has been extremely disappointing at best …

How can we continue to complain daily about these issues if the answers are available but we chose to ignore them. If you are waiting for the CDC, EPA, FDA or USDA to act … you are a fool, because it is their very inaction (or complicity) that has allowed all we suffer!

What cost or price do you place on the health or future health of you or your family? The price of a TOXYScreen kit is magnitudes less than a lifetime of caring for an autistic child or an aging parent with dementia or Alzheimer disease. 

With even the help of only 10% of the millions who rail against these destructive mechanisms making a small one time donation … we could literally change the health of this country and take control back from Big Pharma, Biotech, Chemical and Medical industries.

Through these actions we could build that causal or correlative research database ourselves, to once and for ever throw the proof of massive public poisoning back into the faces of the perpetrators and …

Finally the science would belong to us !!!

The inventors, Gene and Ed, have done the hard work by developing and patenting the product and procedure to make this not only possible … but reality.

OFT Labs has even gone as far as to make a special two panel kit available for those who would help to make this product viable for the millions of us who are aware of the toxic affects of the vaccine metals Mercury (thimerosal) and Aluminum, and for under $100.

Try getting an invasive and painful blood test for either or both of these poisonous metals (found in toxic levels in just about every vaccination,) from your doctor, for even five times that price, including the cost and inconvenience of a doctors visit. It’s a real good guess that your medical insurance wont pay for this unless your doctor requests it, but then your deductible will probably still exceed the cost of a TOXYScreen test kit … Never mind the scenario of trying to convince your doctor why you feel the testing is even necessary!

OFT Labs is even working on a Glyphosate test kit for all of us who are fully aware of the serious damage this toxin is doing to us and our vulnerable children (something Monsanto or the EPA/FDA will NEVER do).


Below you will find a video with some amplifying data on this new mechanism relating to its ease of use, accuracy and simplicity. Understand the information presented centers mostly around lead as a component to showcase as a common point of understanding for many, BUT this test is versatile enough to test for just about anything that a concerned individual or parent is interested in such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic, Glyphosate, Pre-cancerous cells, Hormones and too much more to list here …

So lets take control, find out the level of various poisons, toxins and heavy metals in our aging parents and our vulnerable children’s system, and take preemptive action against future disease and dysfunctions! Because if there is one thing we are sure of from past action (inaction) and rising health issues …

Our government wont or is not interested !!!

Please listen as TLB discusses this innovation with the two inventors most responsible for its inception and path to reality.


Funding Raising Project

Understand Gene and Ed (inventors) are not millionaires and come from a construction background. They are not looking to sell this tool for instant wealth (as they very well could), or allow any large corporation control of it. This is intended to benefit of We The People, thus it should be funded and supported by us as much as possible. Some of the greatest innovations in history came not from huge corporate research laboratories … but from the fertile minds of grass root individuals such as Gene and Ed. These are the innovations that built and shaped America.

So with this concept in mind …

Would you like to see this (lifesaving) mechanism available to every concerned parent or caregiver? This is how you can help get this patented, innovative product into the hands of millions, and help put a stop to so much suffering through early detection …

Ed and Gene believe in the technology they have invented, and their mission and goal is the development of analytical techniques and instruments for identification and measurements of chemicals in biological and non-biological matrices. By providing easy collection and accurate measurements of a wide range of organic and inorganic substances.

They are looking for contributors who believe in their innovative  product and can help them bring it to market. By choosing to donate, you will be part of a fundamental change, a Paradigm Shift  in the way testing is conducted. The potential is clear – painless, accurate oral fluid testing for heavy metals and many other components, is here, and you can be part of ushering in this change.

These funds will help families identify metal, toxin and other poisoning early, avoiding long term medical problems. Any help or considerations are greatly appreciated.

TLB recommends you visit the fundraising site to find out more and become a part of something very much needed and special … Your help is vital in getting this innovative concept disseminated to the masses as quickly as possible!


TLB Highly Recommends you visit for much more information, or to donate via their donate button.

Please donate and help to spread the word … take charge of your, and your children’s future by knowing what is poisoning you or them now. Find out what you can do to help!


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