The Untangled Gathering (TUG): Fall of the Empire Symposium


Presents – The Untangled Gathering: Fall of the Empire Symposium

We have brought together a group of speakers from many backgrounds and focus points, to bring their knowledge and ideas forward to the public.  Outlining the current situations in the US, and the responses and reactions of their corporate friends, looking at what is going on in the background:  Politically, Financially, Legally, and Socially.

It’s time to bring the puzzle pieces together, to discuss this moment of NOW. This moment of time, IN Time, that has humanity standing on the very edge of the knife.  A secret war is being waged against the people of this planet, Silent Weapons used against the people, in Quiet Wars.

We look for the answers, We come together to uncover the truth, and we move forward.

fall of empires black liberty

Silent Revolutions for Quiet Wars.

Hosted by dani arnold mckenny

Symposium Panelists:

Roger Landry, from The Liberty Beacon

Randy Maugins, from Off Planet Radio

Sue Rhoades, from Adventures into Sovereignty

The Untangled Gathering is an online Conference and Symposium stage, Broadcast LIVE Stream on CCN- the Conscious Consumer Network.

Here is the Archived show for your watching convenience …

The Untangled Gathering: Fall of the Empire Symposium

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