TLBTV: Is Enhanced Interrogation (Torture) Back … WHY?

Is Enhanced Interrogation (Torture) Back … WHY?

By TLBTV Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

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I am joined in this discussion by …

My Co-Host: Rebecca Mahan

TLB Contributing expert on Intelligence and Counter Intelligence: Gregory Ford

On todays show we continue our discussion on the politics of war, the role of the military Industrial Complex in establishing and setting the political stage, and the disastrous ramifications of a torture policy gone seriously wrong. We will also be discussing President Trump’s seeming willingness to revive Enhanced Interrogation (Torture) practices in Americas global war on terror.

The term “All is fair in Love and War” sounds great when being used in a flippant conversation between us in what may be a tavern or social setting … but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. The Geneva Convention and other international treaties set standards for the treatment of prisoners as related to torture or Enhanced Interrogation. So what happens when a nation ruled by elitist politicians, hell bent on victory at any cost, crosses that line and goes what is essentially … rogue?

Note: As you watch this show you will see Greg’s image slowly fading to almost black. This is as a result of the sun setting through the large window that lit him well at the beginning of the show. This happens at such a slow pace it was not readily apparent until we played it back.

Today in America when the defamed and complicit Mainstream Media talks about war, very few listen, or care. As a matter of fact the term “WAR” is seldom ever used by these harbingers of “fake news“. We are now a nation that has been at war for so long it now appears normal to a society that once detested and railed against it, yet we live in a country that has been at war for close to a generation. It he 1960’s and 70’s we as a nation rose up to protest an unjust and illegal war with massive rallies nation wide, we made our voice heard and it counted.

Today the US military has a presence in about 170 out of 194 nations globally either overtly or covertly, and we are seen as the worlds 800 pound gorilla who wields its military on all who will not submit to the elite who control said military monster …

When did we become what we used to hate most?

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