TLBTV: Launching the Europe Reloaded Project & What Is the BREXIT Reality


Wednesday June 29th @ 7:30 Eastern (USA)

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Roger red 1Today on Eradicating Programmed Ignorance we proudly announce the official launch of The Liberty Beacon Project’s newest website to our network. Europe Reloaded is a forum well past due when considering the scope and scale of what is transpiring in Europe (BREXIT) and globally today.

Whether we are discussing immigration, migration, global governance, political tyranny, perpetual warfare, or economic and even health issues, Europe, the European Union and organizations such as NATO are in the forefront of what is making the news.

BREXIT is a massive outcry from the British common folk for equality and true representation, and its ramifications will reverberate across Europe and the world for a long time to come. In fact we may have just witnessed the opening volley of a peoples global uprising initiated from Britain and spreading quickly across Europe and beyond as you read and watch this.

My guest today is the newly appointed Director of this new TLB project, Pam Barker. In my eyes Pam was chosen because she is more than qualified to take on this task, not only because she was born and raised in this region, but also because she has traveled extensively both within the EU and out. Pam’s qualifications as a teacher/instructor affords her the strength of both organization and knowledge.

Being an individual who admittedly once held a very progressive (liberal) mindset, Pam’s recent and in-depth foray into politics and the diverse cultures contained in Europe, have lead her to wake up to the fact that the “Left Right Paradigm” is basically a trap to enslave the masses to the benefit of only a privileged and elite caste. We are very proud and honored by her participation and dedication to this new project!

Continue reading below and please watch as Pam and I talk … Europe Reloaded !!!

Europe Reloaded

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Who is Pam Barker

Pam BarkerPam’s been an English teacher and instructor for most of her working life at both the high school and post-secondary levels. She’s also put in some time as an administrator.

She started out life as a Brit but spent most of her adult life in Canada, which she enjoyed enormously and still regards it as her spiritual home. She also did a working stint in Hong Kong just a year after the handover of Hong Kong to China.

Now she’s a resident of France, and has morphed from an educator to journalist working for The Liberty Beacon Project. She’s always been a news-hound and a rather opinionated one(!) at that, so this has been a very welcome change.

She’s come to realize that she’s a ‘truther’, and firmly rejects the propaganda and divisiveness of the traditional left-right political paradigm.

Pam’s direction for Europe Reloaded

Europe Reloaded aims to dig down on important European stories such as the migrant crisis, the state of the EU, Washington-baiting of Russia, NATO shenanigans, free trade agreements, interesting cultural changes going on across the continent, and anything to do with the globalists and their institutions.

But we do emphasize those connections with North America since it is the Washington hegemonic agenda that is driving so much of what we are currently seeing.

Pam’s thoughts on BREXIT

The BREXIT vote is a true manifestation of citizen revolt.

The EU has shown its thoroughly nasty character through the virtual destruction of Greece – its economy, democracy and people. It has no compunction about imposing sado-austerity economics on people who voted clearly for the very opposite type of politics. The people have suffered enormously and will continue to do so while having to pay off an impossible debt that was forced on them and losing their public assets and services. The EU hates left-wing, pro-people governments.

Then the EU shows that it supports these semi-global free trade agreements that support corporations, suck up millions in taxpayer money and destroy national sovereignty. People are having to fight hard against the TTIP in Europe. In other words, they’re having to protect themselves against the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who will never have to experience the hardship they impose on others.

Ordinary people in the UK, who probably never wanted to join the EU anyway, have been cast aside for over 40 years by being in the EU. They’ve also been cast aside by the current Conservative government which has pursued the same cruel austerity economics of the EU.

So working people came out in droves and just defied the propaganda machine of the MSM, and the political and business elites who preached at them and thought they knew better.

It’s been a total shock to everybody. A delightful shock. Where we go from here is a wide-open question, but the protest has been heard loud and clear.



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