After Brexit, U.S. Congressman Promotes #Amexit from UN

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As the pro-national sovereignty movement continues to surge in Europe following the historic British “Brexit” vote to exit the European Union, a growing push for a United States “Amexit” from the United Nations and other international institutions is gaining steam.

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After the Brexit, Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie (shown being sworn in), a leading constitutionalist, pointed to his support for the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and asked if it is now “Time for #amexit?” Yes, he says. Conservative commentator Sarah Palin also called for a U.S. withdrawal from the UN following Brexit, saying Americans should take a lesson from the British on restoring independence and stopping “special-interest globalists.” Former Congressman Ron Paul, meanwhile, the author of the original legislation to get the United States out of the UN, called for getting out of NATO and the “various phony ‘free trade’ agreements” that benefit the elite but harm everyone else. And the movement to restore self-government is only growing.

Responding to the Brexit, Representative Massie said in an online post: “Time for #amexit? I’m a cosponsor of H.R. 1205 to get the US out of the UN. #brexit.” When asked in a comment why it would be a good idea, the congressman responded: “In one word, Sovereignty.”

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“As a member of the UN, we bind our citizens to decisions made by undemocratic countries, when in fact our constitution should be the supreme law,” he explained, garnering massive support from readers. His note sparked headlines across America, in addition to being shared thousands of times by supporters on social media. The legislation he was referring to, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, was introduced last year by Representative Mike Rogers (R-Ala.). Sources tell The New American that members of Congress have been receiving a great deal of pressure from constituents to pass it in recent days.

In a radio interview with host Vince Coakley, Representative Massie noted that the bill was not a response to Brexit, as the latest iteration of the bill was actually introduced in Congress last year. But now is a good time to move it forward. “Who would be crazy enough to stay in the United Nations and pay the majority of their funding while its attended by Third World dictators who are writing rules and regulations that are supposed to bind our country? That’s what I want to ask,” the popular congressman said. The host agreed, saying it was an “excellent question.” On being asked why America should withdraw from the UN, Massie pointed out that over half of the UN’s member governments were unfree, pointing specifically to North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba, Venezuela, and more. “Stalin was a founding member of the United Nations,” Massie added.

The popular Kentucky congressman also systematically debunked the talking points used by advocates of surrendering U.S. sovereignty to the global body. “People talk about ‘we need to stay on it because we’ve got this special position, we’ve got veto power because we’re one of the permanent members,’ well, guess what, so are China and Russia,” Massie said. “Now, ostensibly, this organization exists to keep us from going to war. I would say they failed at that. If anything, it’s nuclear weapons and the desire not to blow ourselves up that’s kept us from going to war. Yet we keep getting in all these small wars around the globe.” Indeed, UN resolutions have been cited on numerous occasions by U.S. presidents to justify unconstitutional, undeclared wars. The most recent and obvious example, of course, was Obama’s illegal war on Libya, which had non-establishment members of both parties in Congress calling for impeachment. The result of that war: tragedy and terror that defies belief.


[For more of this article and Congressman Massie’s views on “bogus” UN talking points, and more of how former Congressman Ron Paul is in the mix, click here.]

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