TLBTV: Lorana Writes the World – With Authors, Laura Ranger & Steve Soderquist

Lorana Writes the World – With Authors & Publishers, Laura Ranger & Steve Soderquist

By TLB Staff Writer and TLBTV Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

Laura Ranger and Steve Soderquist met through an online writing group. They were supposed to be working on a story with a group, but they ended up working on a story together. This book later became their co-authored book Rogue. Though their book ended up working really well, they don’t recommend co-authoring if both authors are strong personalities.

Laura has two other books on her own, both fiction, while Steve has other books on his own as well including a writing guide. But these two aren’t just writers. A year and a half ago, they decided that they weren’t happy with their publishers and they wanted a better experience. They launched Foundations Publishing and have now grown to over forty authors.

Fundations – Where the Author Comes First

This is definitely the interview you want to watch if you want to know about the publishing world. Plus, Laura and Steve were a lot of fun. I guarantee this interview will keep you entertained the whole way through.

I’m also super excited to share that I am one of Foundations newest authors and am looking forward to a great relationship with them in the future.

Please watch this dynamic discussion …


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