TLBTV: Lorana “Writes The World” with Guest – Author Margaret McConnell

Lorana “Writes The World” with Guest Margaret McConnell


By TLB Staff Writer and Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

Today’s guest is Margaret McConnell, who has lived quite the life.

Margaret spent over twenty years in Alaska and loved it. She says she didn’t mind the cold or the eternal light (both of which might drive me crazy), but she did find herself claustrophobic because there were few places to drive. Evidently there is a much better balance of men to women in Alaska now and even families, so it isn’t as remote as some might think.

Alaska is the inspiration for her novel “Spooning Daisy,” which while set in fictional Otter Bite is based on Saldovia. It follows a spitfire red-headed chef who has lost her job after a bad breakup. On a whim, she goes on a date with a man she meets at a garage sale, but a miscommunication breakdown between them ends in a fight and a lawsuit. Daisy thinks she will never see this man again, but runs into Max on her voyage to Alaska. Spooning Daisy was a fun read and a nice romance.

Margaret now lives in Arizona on a ranch with horses. I asked her if she has a ranch romance planned, and it may be in the works so keep your ears tuned.

Watch this great discussion …

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