TLBTV: Lorana Writes the World with Guest, Author R.M. James

Lorana Writes the World with Guest, Author R.M. James


By TLBTV Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

Today’s guest is a fellow romance writer, RM James. Reina writes contemporary romance and her first book is “Love’s Second Chance.” It has a lot of love and a little bit of spice, which she says her family wasn’t thrilled about at first, but she likes reading spice so she enjoyed writing spice. This book comes with a little bit of a warning as it about a couple that was meant to be but didn’t end up together at first. When they reconnect years later, they are both married to other people, but they can’t help asking the “what if?”

Reina is interesting in the fact that she doesn’t title her books first. She waits until the story is done and then the title comes to her. She also writes paranormal romance. Her second book “Kayla’s Gift” involves vampires and a woman in an accident, and she wrote it for older women who enjoy paranormal romances.

Author Bio:
R.M. James, also known as Reina R. Gonzalez, is currently working on a Doctor of Business Administration/Healthcare Administration at Northcentral University. Graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in Health Administration/Education; Armstrong Atlantic State University with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish, and South University with a Certificate in Accounting.

From the author: I live in a small rural town in Georgia just five minutes from the border of South Carolina (not South of the Border—that’s too far). Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, New York.

I have a furry companion named Bailey she’s my best friend as well as my therapy cat. I love her to pieces! She knows when I don’t feel well and jumps on my lap just to be with me. She’s a diluted tortie-shell with attitude galore!

I have two grown boys with their careers and a grandson of whom I love to spoil.

My career in writing began in 2012 when I stopped working due to some ailments I’ve been battling, and because I didn’t want my college education going to waste, I thought of contemporary and paranormal romance. Honestly, the writing wasn’t my first career choice being a medical doctor was (now don’t laugh). I wanted to help people.

My favorite hobbies are quilting, paint-by- numbers, yoga, meditation, and drinking lots of strong coffee that’ll put hair on anyone’s chest!

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