TLBTV Presents – From Stones to Knives & Settler Crimes: Innocence Denied

By: Roger Landry (TLB), Host of Eradicating Programmed Ignorance

Isolation, Apartheid, Genocide, murder, all a part of the daily life of the average Palestinian. Not much better off is life for the average Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, or Libyan being filled with the horror of not knowing who will launch the next missile, drone strike, or drop the next bomb on them … and a majority of the world quite frankly appears not to really give a damn, or ignores the situation out of the warped mindset that if they are consciously aware … they must take responsibility.

As usual The Liberty Beacon project steps forward from the crowd to rip the the veil of silence back in an ongoing project named Middle East Rising. This is a website, media presentations and interactions designed to bring attention to the plight suffered and endured by a vast majority of the citizens of this region, and force the eyes of the masses open … even if they have to be dragged kicking and screaming!

My special guest today is Ariyana Love, Writer, researcher, Activist, and Editor/Facilitator of TLB’s Middle East Rising project … a project initiated to give a voice to those who have been denied one for so long, and make the truth known.


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Read related article and follow the link to the full report below.


From Stones to Knives & Settler Crimes: The Innocence of Ahmad Manasrah


Excerpts from an Investigative Report by Ariyana Love, Sr. Editor of Middle East Rising

How Israel is framing Palestinian youth to suppress ongoing resistance to occupation, cover up settler crimes and continue the denial of Palestinian humanity

CCTV security footage indicating 13-year-old Ahmad Manasrah and 15-year-old Hassan Manasrah running with knives in Occupied East Jerusalem, has been confirmed by experts as doctored and fake, tampered with prior to release by the Israeli government, in an attempt to whitewash Hassan’s extrajudicial execution and the attempted execution of Ahmad by criminal, illegal settlers on October 12th 2015.

Follow the provided link (below) for our breaking 10-minute investigative report explaining where the security footage was doctored, concluding that there were no knives in either Ahmad or Hassan’s hands, and to continue reading this report.


A private investigative firm in Canada analyzed the one and a half minute security footage frame by frame, in order to determine if it was authentic. It was a process that took over 10 hours.

In multiple places the footage was doctored and the investigator demonstrates how the two knives that were edited into the hands of Hassan and Ahmad, can be seen disappearing and reappearing repeatedly in what he told me was a “blotch job.”

The Israeli government of Tel Aviv, including Israeli border police and associated agencies along with the office for prosecution, Hadassah Hospital, Medics personnel, G4S Security and Israeli media are all complicit to crimes under miscarriage of justice in framing this child and whitewashing severe and unfathomable crimes against humanity.

Consequently the doctored video is being used to justify “attempted murder” charges against Ahmad who was lucky to survive the brutal settler attack that left his skull cracked and nearly killed him. Ahmad is being tortured in a G4S detention facility, where he is denied family visits and has endured solitary confinement and forced confessions under torture. Ahmad is now being tried as an adult by the Israeli military court in violation of international and Israeli law.

With this damning evidence against the Israeli Ministry, we can recognize the lengths to which the Ministry of Tel Aviv will go to protect the terrorist crimes of it’s illegal settlers and the lengths it will go to protect the image of “Israel” and the illegal occupation of Palestine to the eyes of the world.

The practice of incarcerating Palestinian children is an intolerable injustice and we must put an end to it.


See the complete report including images and videos here:

From Stones to Knives & Settler Crimes: The Innocence of Ahmad Manasrah

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