TLBTV Premieres – THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE – With Guest Robinlynne Mabin

PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is no Joke but You Can Win!

By TLBTV Show Host: Linda Wattley

Robinlynne Mabin is an amazing woman who is a veteran of the United States Air-Force where her specialty was Communications. It would be only normal for her to choose Communications because as a little girl, she found delight in music and communicating with the public as she learned the ropes from her father who owned his own record store.

Upon completing her term in the military Robinlynne Mabin found herself in a distraught state of mind. She was experiencing feelings and thoughts that had no logic to her, she just knew something was wrong with her. Finally, after several years of struggling to fit into society she found herself homeless and alone and eventually ended up on drugs. She had literally hit rock bottom before a car accident landed her into the hospital. This was a blessing in disguise. She cried out to God in a way she had never done her entire life. God reached out to her and began to give her guidance that even surprised her. Robinlynne was called to preach. She became a minister, a very unique and free-spirited minister determined to help others.

Not only did the car accident reveal her main purpose in life, it also revealed her deep dark secret she hid from the world: she was raped during her time in the military which caused her to fall prey to PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Now understanding why she suffered so endlessly over many years of her life, she could now get help and help herself cope with this new found diagnosis. This did not cripple her in fact it made stronger and determined to help others, especially veterans suffering with mental illnesses.

IN 2009 Robinlynne Mabin launched ROBINLYNNES PRODUCTIONS in Seattle , Washington and built her brands in Charlette, North Carolina FT. LAUDERDALE , MIAMI ,FLORDIA and ATLANTA ,GEORGIA. Diligently she built her brand so much so that ROBINLYNNE PRODUCTIONS now has two million geographic listeners, 200 countries,100 podcasts, and 15 radio stations and counting.

Her passion to help others is endless as she uses her communications skills and musical connections to expand her broadcasting stage with VIBES LIVE BRODCASTING under the Robinlynnes Productions is her primary product and it is growing at an extremely fast pace bringing into existence DISCO DADDYS’ WIDE WORLD OF HIP-HOP SHOW, THE CLEAN KEEZY SHOW, THE VIBES-LIVE RED CARPET EXCLUSIVES are the newest additions to the lineup. Seeing such great vision she now has Comedian Edwin Douglas working side by side with her with Robinlynnes Productions as Marketing Director and Co-host on the Red Carpet.

In 2012 Robinlynne shared her tragic experience along with several other women who were sexually abused while serving their country in a well-documented documentary: THE INVISIBLE WAR that became the catalyst of exposing what women suffered as soldiers among their counter partners. The Invisible War – Wikipedia The Invisible War is a 2012 documentary film written and directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Amy Ziering and Tanner King Barklow about sexual assault in the United States military. It premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, where it received the U.S. Documentary Audience Award.[2] The film has been lauded by advocates, lawmakers, and journalists for its influence on government policies to reduce the prevalence of rape in the armed forces.[3]

The Invisible War is the recipient of both a Peabody Award and  Emmy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Outstanding Investigative Journalism.[4][5] It was also nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards.[6]

The Invisible War features interviews with veterans from multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces who recount the events surrounding their assaults. Their stories show many common themes, such as the lack of recourse to an impartial justice system, reprisals against survivors instead of against perpetrators, the absence of adequate emotional and physical care for survivors, the unhindered advancement of perpetrators’ careers, and the forced expulsion of survivors from service.

There is so much to this woman interestingly, branding is a huge deal with her. Not only is she concerned about her brand, she enjoys helping others to understand how important promoting their brand is if they want to succeed. She believes no matter what get up and get going!

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About the Host:

testifyLinda Wattley has a lot to say about a lot of things, but sharing “truth” is her passion. You will find this enthusiastic and face full of smiles show host also a proud veteran of the United States Army. She was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the University of Akron majoring in Psychology.

Having a background like that conveys just how much insight she has, but with her there is much more! She is also an author of “Soldier with a Backpack” and “Living and Dying Simultaneously,” which in turn thrust Linda to become a nominee for the “Best in Non-fiction” during the African American Literary Awards Show in 2016.

Linda has dedicated time to learning and helping soldiers and veterans manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as, being a registered member and speaker of “RAINN,” an organization supporting and encouraging victims of sexual assault. The main priority in her life, however, is God. With God leading her way, Linda has been able to be instrumental in assisting others.

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