TLBTV: Premiering – Balancing Act Of Life – With Host Emilie DeAngelo

Premiering – Balancing Act Of Life – With Host Emilie DeAngelo


Hello and welcome to the premiere of Balancing Act Of Life, with your host  Emilie DeAngelo

We are pleased to have you join us on our journey to better living! We aren’t your typical healthy gals, we are pH Healthy Gals! What do we mean by that? Author of ‘When Living is The Only Option’ , creator of the Health Tracking Kit and stage 3 breast cancer survivor, Emilie DeAngelo, wanted people to be accountable for their health because she realized after suffering through what she did many people, like herself, who thought they were or are healthy aren’t as healthy as they think! She is accompanied by her 20 year old counterpart Mary Margaret or Maggie Gross who much like Emilie thought she was on the right track but lost it on along the way. She is learning how to take control of her health and show others how to at the same time!

Education is key for us and we believe that so many people lack the education necessary to live a disease free life style! Emilie’s mission is to teach people how to live this life style in baby steps because she understands the hardships most of us go through daily, being a single mother and a full time boss lady. We don’t always have the time to sit down and plan meals or whatever the diet fads are these days. She made it a simple 1,2,3! Pee on a stick and go! It’s as simple as that!

Everything you do when you are changing your life should be in baby steps because trying to replace everything at once can be overwhelming. Balancing Act Of Life wants to teach people how to be accountable not only for their health but for their finances, their family, their jobs and much more!

Our lives are so hectic but they don’t need to be so why not learn how to balance it?

Watch this great premiere …

A MUST READ Digital book by Emilie:

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About the Host: TLB Project would like to welcome Emilie DeAngelo, an incredible woman, premiering  a brand new TLBTV show called “Balancing Act of Life“! Emilie is a Survivor of Stage 3 Cancer, Author of “When Living is The Only Option” and “PH Healthy” (a digital book about her journey and how to balance food and lifestyle to regulate the important body levels), and Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who has developed a Health Tracking Kit using urinalysis test strips to measure, manage, and maintain proper pH levels (acidic/alkaline) and Glucose levels (negative/positive) within the body. Also joining us on the show today is Emilie’s partner and right hand, Mary Margret.

Emilie has done the research to be able to discuss a wide range of health related health topics and solutions that will make getting and being healthy, fun and educational. Her ultimate mission is to get the at home test kits into the hands of as many people as possible so they do not have to face the things she has had to all while providing the audience with the tools needed to stay healthy.


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