TLBTV Presents the Premiere Episode of – THE RED PILL HARDCORE – With Host “V”

Special Guest Harrison "Serenade" Kerr

Premiere Episode of – THE RED PILL HARDCORE – With Host “V” & Guest Harrison “Serenade” Kerr


This is the TLBV Premiere episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE which originally started off as THE RED PILL HARDCORE Radio Show 2 years ago hosted by “V” and still continues today.

The foundation of THE RED PILL HARDCORE is to expose all forms of psychological warfare and mind control from corporate scams to illegal government technology. In this episode “V” interviews an internet philosopher and independent musical artist Harrison “Serenade” Kerr who is targeted by government covert psychotronic weaponry that induces sounds (voices) in his head that no one else can hear.

This Targeted Individual talks with “V” who is also illegally targeted, about why and how this treasonous crimes against the people of this world transpires. Harrison “Serenade” Kerr claims to have developed some experimental sound treatments called “Unineural Beats” that targeted individuals can use to dampen the effects of government psychotronic sound weaponry.

After this interview please stay tuned to the video to check out “Serenade’s” demo from his unreleased album.

Please also view the commercials at the end and give us some feedback. We want to know your views and input to produce better quality programming.

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