TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – ‘Wake Up’ to Child Abuse

Rebecca Sounds Reveille

 ‘Wake Up’ to Child Abuse with Guest, Author Rebecca Pott Fitton


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host:  Rebecca L. Mahan

While the topic of child abuse or any form of abuse is difficult to discuss, it is necessary, many don’t know, as a child, that that they are being abused. The only thing they know is what they have learned in their home, which is normal to them. What is quite horrific about abuse is that it is most commonly committed by a friend of the family or a member of the family. Many people who have become victims don’t share that they have been victimized. This can be for a number of reasons from embarrassment to fear of the repercussions from the abuser.

In this episode, guest Rebecca Pott Fitton and I talk about her journey from sexual abuse. We also discuss how healing needs to be done on three levels: body, mind, and spirit. Fitton shared when it was time for her to finally address the abuse. She had spent decades living with internal pain and did not seek healing head on until she was 40 years old. We talk about how not addressing the trauma can cause many issues that affect a person’s work, relationships, and other aspects of their lives.

We also talk about the importance of seeking assistance through therapy, despite the feelings of apprehension due to the stigma surrounding it. Fitton described how refreshing it is do overcome the challenges one has faced with pain that has been long lasting. To achieve this, she said it’s important to work through therapy; the biggest challenges in addressing the pain from the abuse and overcoming it is getting therapy and sticking with it; however once you get it… “it’s remarkable.”

Fitton further shared that she went to psychologist who specialized in trauma, utilized massages, acupuncture, and approached it from a holistic perspective. She also sought additional modalities and writing poetry was also therapeutic for her.

Fitton was able to create poetry for about 5 years, waking up in the middle of the night to write down what was coming to her. She shared her poetry with friends who encouraged her so much that she was able to publish a book intertwining her own story within it. The title of her book “Wave Rider” was inspired by her journey and one of her poems within the book. She looks at her life as a “journey” with much more to give and to receive from it.

Rebecca Fitton wrote a memoir/poetry book called “Wave Rider – A Poetic Journey from Abuse to Wholeness”. The book is a poetic reflection of a woman’s long journey to heal from sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect, building a new world based on wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Her journey has taken a lifetime. Her beautiful and profound book offers inspiration to others who have also suffered greatly from abuse.

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