TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up to – Is Chronic Fatigue Reversible?

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up to: Is Chronic Fatigue Reversible? With Guest Author Kyle Davies


By TLB Project Media Director & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

Fatigue happens to all people at various times in life. But Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has a number of symptoms that presents itself in a way that may not even seem related to CFS. On this episode, Guest Kyle Davies, talks about the “umbrella” terms of CFS and Fibromyalgia and when it becomes an issue.

We discuss how the symptoms of the “umbrella fatigues” can be mild or severe and how there is a whole body approach to combating it. In prior years, the mind and body were considered separate; however, Davies uses an interesting example of how the body and mind are in actuality a whole, which is the basis on how the body responds within the brain to stress. His metaphor of a “stress bucket” is used to describe how a chain reaction occurs as the bucket get full, causing a “rewiring” in the brain. Therefore, the symptoms come out through the body.

We also talk about how to address the factors that cause the stress rewiring, such as, constructive handling of emotions. Many things happen with constructive handling of emotions, lowering the rewire potential. Ultimately, the perception people have about what is really happening, is the result in how the rewiring is done due to stress. Simply put, people handle stress differently based on what is in their stress bucket. This directly affects the symptoms the body exhibits, which can be prolonged- chronic.

Reversing CFS is possible starting by actively addressing and being aware of the things going on internally. The first, way to begin to reverse the umbrella fatigues is by having a keen understanding of why and how they come about. From there, knowing how to have a healthy perception or how to get to one is the next step. While this may seem a tad complicated, Davies simplifies is.

Kyle Davies is a British Chartered Psychologist, therapist, coach, consultant, speaker, and a author of The Intelligent Body. He is the creator of Energy-Flow Coaching™, a Mind/Body approach to help people overcome chronic health challenges, achieve optimum wellbeing, and experience greater personal freedom.

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