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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
Wake Up & “Write the World”


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host:  Rebecca L. Mahan

For those who like to wake up and smell the coffee, there are authors like Lorana Hoopes who like to Wake Up and “Write the World.” This episode showcases Hoopes and how she is changing and educating the globe. Making an impact starts in the home, goes out to the community, then country, which then spans our orbital ball.

Hoopes, mother of three, starts her day getting ready for take off. She preps her own kids and then she is off to prep the world, expanding her teaching to a local classroom of children where the goal of all her prepping is to inspire the learning process. While juggling just three kids may seem like a handful, add a whole class of kids, a pen and paper and Hoopes is drawing ’em in.

Pen and paper … okay computer now, allows Hoopes to educate those off all ages. She started writing at a young age but didn’t quite finish a completed story until 2016. Once the fire was lit, the novels kept coming and formed in an entire series- Heartbeats: The Power of Prayer, Where It All Began, and When Hearts Collide with a fourth, A Father’s Love, soon to be released. Her novels are considered inspirational fiction with a view of the sanctity of life.

Hoopes isn’t stopping there she is also working on The Wishing Stone series, which is designed to be early reading chapter books for children ages 4-10. The storyline follows young Spenser, his brother and sister as they jump into their favorite stories to help out characters within those stories. The first book takes the reader back to the age of the dinosaur in a book called, Dangerous Dinosaur. This is also well on it’s way for release.

While we all need a break from our daytime world, Hoopes goes on to Write the World as this is the headline on her informative articles published through The Liberty Beacon Project and her own t.v. show on TLBTV. On this episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille, we discuss how Hoopes show allows you to connect with her and see her from the other side of the desk. She also shares challenges she faces in education and writing, yet does so in a way that inspires the audience. Inspiration is an apparent part of her disposition, so “Wake Up” to Hoopes and get yourself “sum of that”!

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You can follow her blog at: Two Heartbeats

You can read her political pieces at Eat Pray Vote

You can find her books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.
The Power of Prayer
Where It All Began
When Hearts Collide


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