TLBTV: Launching The American Freedom & Unity Project

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Roger LandryBy Roger Landry (TLB)

We who struggle for change are all constantly hearing the same old lines “There are too many Americans asleep to accomplish anything”, or “A majority of Americans are just sheep (sheeple)”.

The truth is just the opposite!

The truth be told … this is one of the biggest lines of disinformation we are being fed today. Recent polls show that as many as 75-80% of Americans are painfully aware of the blatant corruption now ingrained in our government and our political system, and that number rises to as much as 92% depending on the questions and the polling platform.

The second biggest factor in our failure to unify our voices is … our leadership, or those who head or lead the hundreds of thousands of groups, pages, websites or organizations. This is the Alpha Dog syndrome, or those who resist unity because it will dilute their power, influence, or what they wish to hoard as proprietary information to keep their message unique and in the spotlight. This is not a guess … it is a FACT! You cant play in my sandbox … go play in your own. Look to see how many of the like minded forums or organization that exist today are locked arm in arm in coalitions meant to facilitate strength … the answer, VERY FEW!

The next question is … WHY? How can you profess to want effective and timely change if you wont lock arms with every forum out there that marches down the same path … the answer, YOU CAN’T!

The third biggest factor in our failure to unify our voices … is the failure of so many (especially those who lead these forums) to realize the many factors or mechanisms that harm or enslave us are all tied to a common root, perpetrated and perpetuated by the same elite caste, with the same goal. Look at the following list …

Political Tyranny (included Liberty, Freedom, Constitution etc…)

Perpetual War

Economic Collapse (the Fed, Banksters etc,,,)

GMOs (includes Bio and Environmental toxins)


Big Pharma



These are the Big Dogs of tyranny (there are many more of lesser magnitude) being perpetrated simultaneously on humanity, and focused in the largest fashion on America and We The people (FACT).

How many people railing against one of these topics … even consider that they all have the same root? That they are all mechanisms of the same caste, being used for a single goal?


You don’t fight a war with only a pistol! You fight a war with a pistol, a rifle, a tank, a bomber, an aircraft carrier, a submarine, etc… The point being that this elite caste is waging all out war against humanity, and facilitating all the above mechanisms of the same root, to succeed in this war. Their goal is for ultimate control through political control, economic control and population (health) control.

It is time to CONNECT THE DOTS!

We are constantly being fed the LIE because it generates and enhances division, ego, disunity and despair, all major factors in our failure to unify our strengths and numbers. Yes it is the disinformation game being played by those who stand to lose the most by the unity of We The People!

Some of the information that will be presented in this show includes just how many people (rough numbers) are involved in each of the eight categories listed above, and just how big the awake portion (to at least one of these mechanisms) of this country really is.

Today we will tell you how we will work to unify this already massive voice … for change.





On this special 3 hour episode of TLBTV Eradicating programmed Ignorance, we present a panel of ultra dedicated individuals in the field of fighting this elite caste against many of the above listed weapons being used against humanity. Those who give their all constantly to unite us and push back on what can only be described as the darkest point in modern human history. What you will hear today will shock and awaken many to this monumental lie, and start us on the path of true unity, in numbers that can no longer be ignored, dismissed or silenced.

Presenting the launch of the …

American Freedom & Unity Project

TLBTV Panel Discussion

The new website for this project (address you will see scrolling across the screen) is currently under construction and has not been launched yet. We expect to have this new website published for public viewing by January 10th or 11th at the latest.

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