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Roger Landry3On this episode of “Eradicating Programmed Ignorance” we will be discussing your health and the myriad of influences on it. Starting before you are born and continuing throughout your life, your successes, happiness and productivity all hinge on how serious you take your mental and physical health, and the relative decisions you make to influence it. Today we will have an in-depth discussion with an individual who has made it his crusade to not only learn the secrets of personal health … but someone who is also on a mission to educate as many as possible to this absolute reality!

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Presenting Michael Bedar … Your Health Is (Just) the Beginning of Your Journey


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From my view, as a health-mindset researcher, advocate, and most recently health novelist, your health is an ongoing process that touches every area of your life.

It’s “ongoing” in the sense that your health is affected by events before your birth; and your health impacts people after your death. At your conception, the health of your mother’s egg and womb, and your father’s sperm cell, affected you in this life. So did the habits of the household in which you were raised.

Likewise, your well-being will impact the physical health, intelligence, finances, environment, and freedom of those you touch in life and those you leave after you, both your possible offspring and other people.

Then from a young age, an individual’s nutrition and lifestyle factors begin to make their marks on their own life. Generally speaking, for each peak-experience moment flush with flow and vitality, there is probably a bruise or bump in the road — an injury, illness, or stress that the body heals and recovers from (if we’re fortunate).

However, with repeated injuries the body’s healing and adaptation process can get stretched out of balance. If we as a society follow the evidence, we would learn to follow toxicologists’ lead and categorize harmful substance exposures as injuries.

One of the most common repeat injuries, effecting at least 100 million Americans who consume refined fructose, is repetitive exposure to sugar, which is considered a poison by many, including Robert Lustig, Ph.D.

From The New York Times:

“It’s clear that if the fructose hits the liver in sufficient quantity and with sufficient speed, the liver will convert much of it to fat. This apparently induces a condition known as insulin resistance, which is now considered the fundamental problem in obesity, and the underlying defect in heart disease and in the type of diabetes, type 2, that is common to obese and overweight individuals. It might also be the underlying defect in many cancers.” []

Concentrated fructose hitting liver cells and other sensitive tissues over and over again, can create chronic insulin resistance, and lead to degenerative diseases.

Pertinent to the area of individual healing, is the question:

When the rapid, concentrated fructose and glucose exposure injuries stop being repeated, will the metabolism return to balance?

Likewise, the question for familial, inter-generational, and societal healing is:

Will life experiences and awakenings be sufficient to cause families to change what they eat and prevent refined sugar exposure injuries from happening in the first place?

Healing is about raising the likelihood that the answers to the above questions are “Yes.”

Asking these questions starts the ongoing mindset of healing and re-balancing. Human processes involve our complex subjective and inter-subjective experiences, thus it behooves us to realize our lifetime process of health has all the qualities of a narrative.

What is a narrative? Simply put, a narrative is a story essentially including two ingredients: the factual events of what happens, and the characters’ personal meanings about those unfolding events.

I proceeded to become a health novelist, after being a natural health researcher, documentatrian, and personal advisor, when the demand for a more empowering narrative became glaringly apparent. A template for how to tell yourself a healthier story was missing.

The meanings in our human narratives tend to be about things that are far afield from what machinations occur in a pharmaceutical giant’s boardroom, far from even what we place on our plate. The meanings in our narrative generally tend to be expressed in concepts like childhood, mother, father, upbringing, home, family, newly born, dearly departed, brother, sister, friend, quality time, moments you’ll never forget, first steps, first kiss, family, dreams, purpose, career, country, sure signs from God, belief, and so forth.

These things may seem to be distant from the nutrition and lifestyle decisions that will help you re-balance your metabolic health; yet they are the things that empower you with a lasting supply of meaning, inspiration, drive, and desire on your path back to well-being

These factors are what enliven information into action. They are what lift research reports, meal plans, exercise routines, menus, and tips off the page, and into your sphere of living where you play out your personal narrative. When you access the experience of what has meaning to you, you pick up the pen for writing your own narrative.

The majority of the time, your narrative lives in relationship with other people. Blessed we are if we have people in real life to upgrade our narrative into a healthier octave. Whether we have those friends or not, characters we read in a story based in a health situation just like yours, in precisely your society, can open a new possibility for you. You can see a new vista open up before you as the characters in a well-informed fiction work walk courageously into the unknown horizons in front of them and rewire their life story. What’s happening in the process of bringing meaning to your health and wellness activities is you are rewriting your own narrative–right where it has the most meaning to you.

Take this opportunity to start a new story about your health and every area in your life that your health touches. Read Sweet Healing now. Get it from



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