Top Economist Advising Americans to Store Food, Water & Get a Gun

Preface by TLB

What follows (below this preface) borders on the unbelievable, until you look around you and listen to what a very credible economist has to say today. There is so much of this global economy in play today. and none of it is promising for our future.

Think of the issues we face as a race divided and constantly at odds with ourselves. No sooner does one conflict end when another takes its place. Unity of humanity (a dream of the ages) is no closer today then centuries ago, and in so many cases, much further away! Our technology and knowledge advances but our understanding of our brothers and sisters degrades. The world is a more hostile place than it has ever been. Does this even make sense?

But even when considering all of that, the most blatant issue, the ‘in your face’ issue, right now is the global economy. Today, we are being told constantly by some of the leading and most well respected economist that we stand on the precipice of global economic collapse that will make the ‘great depression’ look like a practice run … and all the kings horses and all the kings men … well you know.

Please listen to the video (radio show) below and … if you find it credible and pertinent … PREPARE!


Top Economist Advising Americans to Store Food, Water & Get a Gun

By TLB Contributing Author: Dave Hodges

I interviewed famed economist, Joseph Meyer, and what he said was stunning, almost unbelievable. Yet, this economist is respected by nearly everyone.

Meyer is known for being conservative and pro-investment. You will not believe what he said to do with your investment capital including your 401k’s and pensions. You will need to be seated while you listen to this interview as you listen to the impact that Deutsche Bank will have on the American economy. The game is over and this expert economist tells you what you should be doing.

Listen in …. Economist, Joseph Meyer


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