Top FBI Agent Just Outted Hillary For the WORST CRIME EVER!

Top FBI Agent Just Outted Hillary For the WORST CRIME EVER!

TLB Editors note: This post contains 2 articles. The first article contains preliminary information about this scandal and just as “the ink was drying,” came Confirmation which is the basis of the second.

By Danny Gold

Let me just start by saying that this is the single worst crime a person running for President in the US has EVER been convicted of.

Hillary Clinton was just proven beyond any doubt to have been directly involved with the bribing and promoting of a top FBI agent during her own email trial.

Let me break this down for you:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, one of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s most consistent backers, donated nearly $500,000 to the Virginia state Senate campaign of a candidate (Dr. Jill McCabe) who is married to the FBI’s deputy director. –Daily Mail


McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, was the associate deputy of the FBI’s Washington field office, which was tasked with investigating Hillary’s emails.

This is where it gets really interesting. Sometime between the donation being made and the beginning of Clinton’s email investigation, McCabe was promoted to the Deputy Director of that office, giving him full control of the Clinton investigation.

McCabe then declared that Hillary Clinton had done nothing wrong and Bill Clinton didn’t commit a crime by meeting with Loretta Lynch because Bill was not officially under investigation.


Sounds a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? Luckily McCabe was too stupid to cover his own tracks, and accidentally helped out Hillary’s crimes!

Look, there is no excuse to not get this kind of information out to every single person you know. The world needs to know about all of Hillary’s crimes so they can see how dangerous it would be to let her lead.



Hillary Clinton’s $500,000 Bribe to the FBI Came Through Virginia – CONFIRMED!

by Kosar

With more than 50 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of a private email server, how did she avoid charges?

Now, the smoking gun has emerged.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton insider and former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, steered at least $675,000 to the election of the wife of an FBI official involved in the Clinton probe. McAuliffe’s political action committee gave $467,500 to the state senate campaign for FBI agent Andrew McCabe’s wife. He is now the deputy director of the FBI.

More money came to her through the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Jill McCabe received an additional $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, the report states, which is heavily influenced by McAuliffe.

The money directed by McAuliffe began flowing two months after the FBI investigation into Clinton began in July 2015. Around that time, the candidate’s husband was promoted from running the Washington field office for the FBI to the No. 3 position at the FBI.

Within a year, McCabe was promoted to deputy director, the second-highest position in the bureau.[…]

The governor’s office claimed the FBI’s McCabe met the governor only once — on March 7, 2015, when McAuliffe persuaded Jill McCabe to run.

The 2015 Virginia state Senate run — her first run for public office — was unsuccessful as she lost to the incumbent Republican.

McAuliffe “supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous,” a spokesman for the Virginia governor told The Journal.

McAuliffe, a long-time D.C. insider, claims that this was simply him supporting fellow Democrats. But McCabe was the third-largest recipient of funds from Common Good VA, the Governor’s PAC. With such few public meetings, the massive size of the contribution is more than a little suspicious.

McCabe’s campaign announcement came in March 2015, roughly the same time it was reported that Hillary Clinton illegally used a home email server to transmit classified documents.

This is pay-for-play politics at its worse. Hillary Clinton’s team knows how D.C. works, and the Governor of Virginia was willing to do anything to prevent his friend from facing criminal charges. Politics is a dirty business, and there’s no question that McAuliffe was trying to buy favors.

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