Top Ten MSM ‘Trump-Russia’ Fake News Stories & Their Method of Dissemination

Top Ten MSM ‘Trump-Russia’ Fake News Stories & Their Method of Dissemination

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The volume a fraudulent ‘Trump-Russia’ news stories strewn across our media since 2016 has now reach a critical mass, and with it, the Establishment’s method of formulation and dissemination is now becoming clear.

Based on the sheer volume of fabricated news reports routinely released by corporate mainstream media outlets – certain patterns persist, both in the streamlined and coordinated nature of how operatives within mainstream media work with each other and with politicians – to broadcast and pro-up a false narrative in relation all things Trump-Russia. We have witnessed exactly how this is organized and executed from the recent Integrity Initiative leaks, including the central coordination of region ‘clusters’ or working groups, comprised of mainstream journalists, government, think tank, military and intelligence operatives – all working in concert to disseminate state-sanctioned propaganda. Further below in the post is a detailed list of the ‘Top Ten fake Trump-Russia stories’ according to journalist Glenn Greenwald. When studying Greenwald’s list, a general revelation of the method emerges which could be roughly summarized in a 5-step process by which the corporate media and political establishment have been distributing a virtually endless stream anti-Trump and anti-Russian propaganda across the global English speaking media landscape.

Here are the 5 steps through which the mainstream disinformation and propaganda moves:

1. One of the following mainstream media outlets is first designated to release a fabricated news story containing some fraudulent claim relating to either ‘Russian meddling’, ‘Russian influence’, or ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’: CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, The Slate, and others. False claims are often based on inferences taken from supposed anonymous ‘sources’ whom journalists claim are embedded inside key government agencies, but not always. In certain cases, the ‘news story’ is in fact 100% concocted fiction, wrapped in a narrative crafted by the journalists themselves.

2. The fake news story is then disseminated, initially amplified by this collective MSM cohort (and in some cases, disseminated by ranking politicians like Adam Schiff (pictured), Chris Murphy, and even by the Hillary Clinton campaign itself), flooding the broadcast airwaves and online news feeds for 48 hrs to 72 hrs. At this point, the story has penetrated enough to enhance or alter public opinion and public perception.

3. The amplified fake news report then triggers a reactionary statement by one or more leading political figures, a call to action, and demands for some new and more stringent policy needed to ‘deal with the threat.’

4. Providing there is sufficient push-back on social and alternative media, after 72 hours the MSM outlets who released the original fabricated story may then issue (but not always) a quiet retraction somewhere on a website, but they will generally not make a vocal announcement or apologize on camera.

5. Politicians who made policy statements based on the initial fraudulent news reporting will not comment on their previous reactionary statement and will simply ‘let it ride’ if the fabricated story line suits their wider political and partisan objectives.

(Rep. Maxine Waters pictured)

This process has been repeated continuously in the U.S. mainstream media for the last 2.5 years. The net effect is an overall lowering of public approval for President Donald Trump, and also a overall negative, if not hostile view of Russia as a country. These are the only two practical outcomes of this propaganda campaign. Since none of the numerous fabricated stories ever contained any evidence, or any real actionable intelligence then nothing would ever come of them – other than a drop in public approval for Trump, and permanently hamstrung relations with Russia. Based on these facts, these are the only logical inferences one can make from this coordinated disinformation and propaganda campaign.

The following analysis and corresponding digital artifacts were compiled by Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept…continue reading…


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