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Shiv ChopraIntro by TLB Staff Writer: Rose Stevens

Dr Shiv Chopra, is a former Health Canada “whistle blower scientist” who was fired by Health Canada in 2004 for speaking the truth about how dangerous rBST could be for our health if allowed in our milk supply. He is now on a cross Canada lecture tour to speak about the TTP and how this trade agreement will endanger our food supply and health by allowing this tainted milk into Canada. He also worries that, this deal is a threat to Canada’s sovereignty because it will allow foreign corporations to launch suits using private arbitration if government decision are consider bad for profits.

Dr Shiv Chopra wrote a book entitled Corrupt to the Core ( in which he exposes the junk science Health Canada uses to justify that milk from treated cows is safe for human consumption. The use of rBST is banned in Canada, the European Union and other countries yet it is considered safe in the USA. It is interesting to note that the reason Health Canada has banned it is because it causes cows to be prone to mastitis. They claim it does not harm humans to drink this milk. Is this the same rational and junk science they use to justify that glyphosate and GMOs do not harm us either?

One has to wonder how safe this rBST in our milk supply is when two journalist from Fox News were fired for trying to tell report on the truth on this issue?


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Find out more here: Corrupt to the Core


Dr Shiv has already been fired so he has nothing to lose by telling you the truth by going across Canada to speak on the public health implications of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and why Canadians should reject it to protect their future.

Listen to his interview with Roger Landry and his co-host Rose Stevens on the Liberty Beacon Radio Network below.

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