by Rick Wells

Traitor and political prostitute Paul Ryan is again on his knees in service to his fat cat masters, with illegal alien amnesty and a knife to the back of Americans, rushing…

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It seems as though the method by which the corruptocrats abuse their power and impose their will upon America is always the same. The corrupt leadership and members of the House and Senate wait until the last minute, until they can claim to be up against some kind of contrived deadline, like a government shutdown, and then force  a bill they should never have supported upon the people because “they have no choice, they have to act quickly.”

That “legislation through contrived crisis” system has replaced the normal budgetary process, was utilized to Gruber the American people with Obamacare, and is now the favored method of corrupt politicians for meeting the demands of their special interests as they are “being forced” to ignore the needs of their constituents, their campaign promises and what’s best for the nation.

Swamp sleazebag Paul Ryan and some of his favorite House RINOs have maneuvered a plan to pass amnesty under the guise of choosing the best variation out of four, the now infamous “discharge petition.” It certainly smells like some sort of discharge. The scheme involves the uniparty RINOs pretending to cede power to their brethren Democrats, with the amnesty that will be the only variation supported by Democrats being the one that garners the most votes and the one Americans, if it passes the Senate and President Trump signs it, are stuck with.

There’s no real reason to get it done with any urgency aside from the fact that Paul Ryan needs to please his Chamber of Commerce masters before he leaves the House. The fact that he’s so determined to get it done speaks to the wisdom of doing nothing. Ryan said on Thursday, following a two hour meeting with House Republicans behind closed doors on the subject, “The next step is putting pen to paper so we can start getting legislation to the floor.”

It makes no difference to him that the American people don’t share his desire for amnesty for illegals. The people who pay him, at least those who pay him more than the American people do, the Chamber of Commerce fat cats, want their cheap labor no matter how much it costs the average American household in lost earnings. I’ve got a pen, Ryan, but there’s another place of yours that’s even better for it to be shoved than onto a piece of paper.

Ryan intends to rush this thing through, using the 23 Traitor discharge Congressmen who he’s allowing to circumvent the normal process as his cover to give his masters what they want. Ryan could hold the House out of session on the day the vote is scheduled to come up or withhold campaign funds from those who are engaged in the rebellion, but he agrees with them, they work for the same cabal that he does.

Ryan said, “Time is of the essence if we want to have a legislative process that we can control.”  Of course he’s already got control and he’s using it to work against the American people. All of his empty claims are merely a smokescreen to provide cover to the traitors who have good reason to fear retaliation by their constituents in November. They’re not fooling anyone.

Ryan said he is working with the Trump administration to craft a plan that they can force upon Americans by changing Trump’s four-pillar plan. He said, “How we put together the four pillars is what matters here … How we come together to decide what constitutes the four pillars is really what matters here.”

How they sell it, and how much they think they can get away with along with how much concern they have for angering the American people is actually what really matters to the sellouts. But Ryan’s gone after this term – and he didn’t care what we wanted or thought of him before he got the new independence associated with being on his way out the door.

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In attempting to wrap himself in the insulation of President Trump, Ryan said, “We spend a great deal of time speaking with the Administration on this. The President is the one who gave us the four pillars that we talked about, and so it doesn’t work if we don’t have a bill the President would sign. He said, “We are working hand-in-glove with the Administration to make sure that the solution we come together as a conference on that will become law. That is why we are working closely with the Administration in this.” Sorry Ryan, we think you’re lyin’.

We’re still waiting for him to mention a border wall as part of his latest giveaway to the globalists. Or are two or three pillars close enough for the Wisconsin weasel? Once again the swamp is doing what is best for them, remaining undrained, and filled with the most despicable of self-serving parasites.


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