TRPH PRESENTS: The 5th of November – Movie Exposing NWO Remote Neural Monitoring

THE RED PILL HARDCORE PRESENTS: The 5th of November – Movie Exposing NWO Remote Neural Monitoring


Your Host: “V”

Remote Neural Monitoring is a system using satellite relayed electro-optics to measure, image, and transmit brain and nerve activity of an individual. This is a form of Biotelemetry which involves the application of telemetry in biology, and bio-sensing and tracking to remotely monitor various vital signs of all biological functions.


NWO/US government had been spraying chemtrails (neural dust) for at least a decade prior to 9/11 and placed many thousands of “cell towers” around the country in excess. (Cell phone reception never got any better btw). With our bodies/brains being completely saturated by nano-particulates and the monarch tower system complete, the psychotronic grid was finally complete.

They continued on with the 9/11 false flag operation. Since everyone has a remote neural link up to the NSA’s Remote Neural Monitoring system they and the other treasonous abc agencies could get a complete audit of the American peoples emotions and thoughts. These traitorous criminals used a combination of hate speech propaganda blaming innocent people in which they wanted to conquer, and emotion based frequency manipulation.

Our bravest testosterone filled patriots left to go and die for NWO conquest and genocide, to steal resources that don’t belong to us. The trillions of dollars that went missing that day on 9/11 went towards the police state empowering the cowards left behind to keep you in fear.

From infraguard gangstalking, to cyber terrorism/censoring, to more minute false flag terrorism. 9/11 THE MOTHER OF ALL PSYOPs. There was an exponential rise of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS after 9/11. Mostly people who don’t fall for the governments BULLSHIT.


“A friend asked me about disabling his implant in his head giving him voices. I let him in on my research. Follow this – If you have chemtrails in your country then they don’t need large implants. Thats old technology. The nanotechnology in the air you breath coats your brain and possibly your entire nervous system. This allows for all kinds of remote biotelemetry. They can track you by these nano transceivers that tell your heart rate, breathing patterns, and even what your thinking. This nanotechnology acts as artificial magnetites (magnetites are minerals naturally found in the brain that give us natural psychic abilities) which enhances synthetic telepathy. Stun guns and EMP devices don’t work to destroy these little nano particles like computer chips. Instead they operate by magnetic energy that can store and have information moved through them. Much like a computer hard drive. Information is stored magnetically. ELF magnetic resonance or brainwaves are emitted by all living creatures.

The aluminum in the chemtrails act as superconductors (antennas) and the barium salts act as signal interfacing where information can be queried. Much like quantum computing. This works on the science of pieziomagnetics. A person is bombarded with interferometry fields (beam signals intersecting areas that brake down to electromagnetic static) that could normally not be detected because it reads as the same level of energy that the earth puts off and up to the same 60hz that every electrical device puts off. That’s how the government gets away with putting voices into people’s heads. I suggest you look up scalar wave energy. Also done by zero point energy which is only possible to create in vacuum tubes and in outer space. Satellite mind control. This is basically free energy. Someone being targeted by the government could be electronically harassed their whole lives and it would cost a few pennies for electrical wear and tear on the machine components.

No thought is private …

This is government remote neural monitoring. And in the case of those being targeted with voices (computer AI with neural linguistics patterning learning programming) in there heads, it’s satellite terrorism. These people end up in a hospital being chemically lobotomized, committing suicide, or killing lots of people. THIS IS A FACT!”



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