Trump & Clinton Debates: The Circus Is In Town!

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The Donald is literally licking his chops in anticipation of the coming presidential debates! Never before in the history of presidential races has such a lopsided scenario been handed to a presidential candidate. I can almost see Trumps gleeful look at the numerous prospects of destroying Hillary in a series of one on one debates, with two and as many as four scheduled.

Mind you I am not stating that Trump is an angel, or that Hillary cannot shovel some dirt onto him, but as Dave says below in the attached intro and video, Trump is a pretty open book. By comparison Hillary has so many damaging skeletons in her proverbial closet that she does not want brought front and center, or to the forefront of voting America’s conscientiousness. This is exactly what Trump will do with a flare of showmanship quite in keeping with his character.

White Water, Travelgate, Filegate, Vince Foster, Emailgate, Chinagate, Gift-gate, Landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia, Benghazi, Hillary’s ‘missing’ law firm billing records, Pardongate: Hillary Senate contributions, Hillary’s cash cows and 9,987 percent profit, the Clinton body count (massive list), Hillary’s radical pal, Saul Alinsky, Drug running in Arkansas,  Hillary ca$hes in: Iranian fundraising, Clinton Foundation: Scandals keep coming, Peter Franklin Paul: Another Hillary friend goes to prison. And this is just the short list …

For a thorough description of many of the above scandals see this article:

Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever

FBI Director Comey has just added fuel to the fire with his damning commentary of Hillary’s careless actions with regard to security issues and her private server. Yes he failed to recommend prosecution (another story of Clinton influence and corruption to be told), but his words plainly show her guilt on many counts up to and including committing perjury at Congressional hearings (indictable by its own right). This is already moving to the forefront of American consciousness as indicated in this article:

The Blowback Begins: Marine Demands the Same Treatment As Hillary

Hillary is cannon fodder in a one on one debate with anyone that has half a brain … and The Donald is a master of verbal destruction of character, motivations and intent for those who he feels a threat to him or his goals. I am quite sure Trump is looking forward to these debates with the same anticipation as shown by a young child eagerly awaiting Christmas morning.

What can the elite caste who are backing Hillary do? How can they avoid this sure to be train wreck? Will there be a false flag scenario to draw attention away, or even cancel these disastrous debates (for Hillary)? Time will tell but at this point don’t discount the possibilities mentioned.

But if these debates do happen …

Move aside sports TV, Move aside Americas Got Talent or the X Factor, Move aside Reality TV … the debates are coming soon to your favorite channel … and this will make a three ring circus seem tame and boring in comparison! The American scandal addicted public will be glued to their favorite viewing screen, and eating this up like a toddler with a well stacked ice-cream cone! This screams disaster for Hillary, and sure fire increased celebrity status for The Donald !!!

Attached you will find a short intro and a video with more thoughts on the subject, so please read and watch …


Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Debate Trump

By TLB Contributing Author: Dave Hodges

donald-and-hillaryDonald Trump has been handed a golden opportunity. Under the premise that there is a silver lining in every cloud, the FBI’s exoneration of Clinton is a blessing in disguise for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has skeletons falling out of her closet. Trump, although not perfect, is an open book. Clinton is a sociopathic, serial-criminal. If Hillary ever sets foot inside the debating ring with Trump, she will get destroyed.

Presently Clinton is committed to a minimum of two debates. She is being pushed to do four debate. Donald Trump is waiting in the wings and licking his chops.

How would it look to the “dumbed-down masses” if Hillary developed another case of the Benghazi Flu?  She will appear, and rightly so, as a person with something to hide.

Listen to Dave Hodges short account on why Hillary does not dare debate Donald Trump:

About the Author:

See Dave’s original (attached) article HERE

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  1. Hilly will be minimized to the festering anal wart she truly is.
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