Facets: The Death of Truth is the Death of Liberty

The Death of Truth is the Death of Liberty

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

ThomasJefferson said: There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”   

Few writers take up the pen in truth these days. Plagiarism and a lack of validity are rife, where news outlets from publishing to media are strangled by imposed taboo. Owned and influenced by government and mega-conglomerate corporations and a banking cartel, they skillfully twist and slant accuracy to suit their well-hidden schemes and agendas. Investigative reporting are being assigned to the dustbin of history, as institutional scribes rewrite current events to slip into a box perfectly retrofitted by their masters, our masters. Propagandized news shows fallacy as the main ingredient, reflecting in a frosted mirror, and what is done in the name of America is so complicated, so convoluted, we cannot reason with any certainty what side we are actually on, or why.

We are told from the black box that war is looming on many fronts, and fear grips us to the core. The promotion of another cold war with Russia, as Putin announces that Russia is a Christian nation, after he ousted the Jewish Banker Oligarchs strangling his country since the Bolshevik Revolution, is not reported in the Jewish owned American Media…. World economies are failing, and all are blaming a banking system thought to be controlled by us. Between Presidential rhetoric and mass shootings on American soil, we are filled with a disgust and horror that transcends morality, even sanity. How can a person expect to fight evil by killing innocence? Whom does that empower but the tyrant, who already is blaming guns and not the mindset? Are these people insane, or are they hungry to do just what they see our military doing to them? Muslims and Jews promote vengeance, Christians Justice… so where does the love of humanity play into our international experience? Is that a worthy question?

We get a glimpse of a disintegrating EU, and want to believe that Brittan’s exit is for Liberty, and yet the same oligarchy is in place. We have a confusing love-hate relationship with the UN, and question why, as a free Palestine keeps popping up… and yet, in the middle of ISIS, we are said to be funding from sides, with brand new SUVs to Toyota Trucks, by Al Qaeda CIA created operatives work out of Benghazi running guns, and Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of Europe’s heron… It seems a domino effect, as we destroy Syria from the ISIS side, there is a mass exodus of refugees to Europe, some hell bent for revenge and domination… Russia bombs ISIS strongholds, and this is not reported… and in the middle of this swirling mass of lies and deceit, our so-called friend, Saudi Arabia, is flooding the market for years with cheap oil, supposedly to bankrupt them all… Our Israeli friends danced and took pictures on 911, held and released, to state on their own news channels that they were only there to record the event… In the fray, our oilfield infrastructure is destroyed, along with the last of America’s ability to be energy independent, coincidentally brainwashed to accept a pipeline from Canada to the Cancer Alley of Louisiana. In the process, just like in 1983, our American oil patch is destroyed, and it will take years, perhaps decades to recoup… if it is ever allowed to.

George Orwell

Carpetbaggers are flooding into the EU and Middle East, and every country with a Central Bank around the world, scurrying to buy up diminished assets for pennies on the dollar. The world grows smaller, as bankers grow bigger, more influential, and richer, and it is all very well played, on a field without rules… a field that flourishes on the blood, sweat. and tears of every living person on the planet.

We can see nothing of what is unfolding, though it is found just inches from our face. We are too busy watching the banter and so-called debate of presidential hopefuls, but most likely Dancing with the Stars… and what we see on the news is all quite entertaining; a mixture of hope and fear, with a multitude of opposing and profound  ideologies competing, speculating their world will end if the “wrong” person is elected. That somehow, this time, we the people will take control. What a grand cosmic joke. and a great illusion.

On the internet, short essays float in rivers of speculation, invalidated proposals for a future accomplishment always hidden from view.  Destruction of systems that took thousands of years to acquire, ignite in a flash, by a young Socialist Progressive Marxist who wants old people dead, and a new world to dawn, balanced and whole just for them… a world full of free stuff, and irresponsible.

Some standards seem simple to ascertain, that God is dead, that love is hate, that good is bad and right is wrong, that black lives matter while 2500 black babies are cut into pieces by abortion every day, with a majority of black men in prison. Yes, power pushes to destroy both society and rote, to be rebuilt in an image they (our brainwashed Marxist Children) cannot yet formulate or articulate… but you can be assured of one emphatic thing… there will indeed be a black bottom line.

Truth glistens, on the surface of feces sold as hope. Expertly promoted, we see hoodlums burning businesses and looting their own neighborhoods, until we witness them leaving in chartered buses. And Hillary and Bernie have now united, like oil and water… and the lies that bind them bring on a gag response from an inspired Patriot. What response do we take, in a world so out of control, if not crying, gnashing of teeth in anguish, or vomiting in disgust?

Without an avenue for accuracy, men are doomed to repeat historical errors in judgment, unable to make a viable decision, or to administer a correct assessment of reality. When truth is intentionally suppressed, deliberately withheld, we have little or no control over our own destiny, as planned, and this is the rub. We are now, as a society, conditioned to relinquish our responsibility for self-governance, trusting the supreme power of an authority we did not choose or want. Most are content to eat allocated crumbs given by a master so entrenched in the their mind, questioning why hardly ever occurs. By the sciences of Freud and Pavlov, the mere question is considered traitorous, and most often it is not even asked, for fear of retaliation.

Are we expected to send our children to a theater of war, sacrifice their lives, and never question why? Why shouldn’t the question be posed?  What is it for? Surely, in 1969, as I enlisted in the Navy because I was being drafted in the Army, that question should have been asked, if not by me at 17, surely my father. That question should have come up come up while eating cake in our living room, in celebration of my going to Vietnam. Should have been asked by the girlfriend I left behind, who waited for me. Should have been asked by my friends drinking beer from a keg my father had bought… Instead, I believed that those fleeing to Canada were traitors. Was it designed to double the National Debt in five years, use drones on populations without one picture of it on the news, our the use of slave labor creating low-quality products built to break… in our newly created, throw-away society? Was it to destroy our sovereignty by illegal’s flooding our borders, or to watch our Liberties taken by the NDAA and the Patriot Act, or to create such total bureaucracy we are not allowed to audit, or even look into Fort Knox for over fifty years? Is it about Communism, pounding on our gates as Progressive National Socialist? Was it to watch our children’s minds manipulated and controlled by a government mandated school system? Our country is being dissected, held as collateral by banking cartels, and Constitutionals who have tried to get elected, have failed…  Because big money wins. Was it paid for with my tax dollars and the lives of what is thought to be 57 thousand of my brothers, and millions of Gooks who died trying to defend their lands?

Did they die to thwart Communism, when we now have a Communist in the White House?

This week, this month, this year, this decade, have been full of profound unreported truths, and few realize it. Truths so insightful we could have united. In a society taught by authority to be overtly benign and trusting, we descend into a new dark age of ego-driven, superficial motivations that do little to enlighten, but to enslave. Some call it slavery of the spirit, but what is happening to our humanity is far more horrific. There is another form of slavery far more effective, taught by Machiavelli called voluntary servitude. It is taught to our puppet oppressors from the book “The Prince” by Machiavelli in all War Colleges and Ivy League Schools, both here and abroad.  The concept of population control, the power of division (divide and conquer), false flags and media manipulation in various forms, control of currency, constant and unrelenting deceit, war without end, the destruction of civil liberty for safety, a shredded Constitution out of some hidden necessity, is a proper science. Super computers are soaking up information from the drugs we take to the guns we own, as our ideologies are laid bare for all to see on-line, they are turned and used as tools and weapons against us all… They are cross-referenced with our friends, family, and business associates to make statistical approximations of our reaction to stimuli they create to move our minds. We are so trusting…

The fruits of an oppressor.

Originality is rare in our society, and this mindset has been taught. Lack of discovery and invention are atypical of a society in decline. Responsibility for self is rare, as the New Progressive movement of big government involvement in our lives teaches just the opposite mindset. Introspection is uncommon, and few are able to muster a motivation bigger than themselves.  Though many will say that family comes first, the family is disintegrating proportional to the new irresponsible and selfish feel good ideologies gripping young minds.  If questioned, few young people can visualize anything they would die for, and history will attest that if a population can find little or nothing to die for, they will find little or nothing to live for.

“A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.” -Niccolo Machiavelli


Ken LaRive FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …


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