Trump Endorses Israeli Land Theft and Opposes Palestinian Statehood

By: Stephen Lendman

Trump and Clinton agree more than disagree on major issues, despite both presidential aspirants and media scoundrels suggesting otherwise, serving as a collective mouthpiece for a she devil, war criminal, racketeer menace.

Trump’s only redeeming quality is he’s not her, hardly a reason to support him. The presidential contest between two deplorable candidates should encourage groundswell campaigning for none of the above – urging voters choose from among independent aspirants or opt out.

Their one-sided support for Israel, contemptuous of Palestinian rights, is one of many reasons to reject them.

Clinton is like Obama – backing unlimited settlement expansions while claiming otherwise, rejecting peace while faking support, and opposing Palestinian statehood while pretending to back it.

Trump is much the same – one-sidedly pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, clear in an interview his co-advisor on Israeli affairs David Friedman gave Haaretz.

As president, he’d support the illegal Israeli annexation of West Bank land, rejecting Palestinian statehood as a US national security interest, according to Friedman, likely to become Trump’s ambassador to Israel if he defeats Clinton.

His policy on Israel/Palestine is contradictory, incompatible with conflict resolution – saying he’ll try to achieve peace while undermining it by supporting unlimited settlement expansions on stolen Palestinian land, a formula for endless conflict.

He’ll only endorse Palestinian statehood with Israel’s consent on its terms, mindless of the rights of a long-suffering people under illegal occupation harshness.

“This is an issue that Israel has to deal with on its own because it will have to deal with the consequences,” said Friedman. Trump’s “feeling about Israel is that it is a robust democracy” – ignoring its Zionist zealotry, its apartheid viciousness, its contempt for rule of law principles.

“The Israelis have to make the decision on whether or not to give up land to create a Palestinian state,” Trump insists, according to Friedman. “If (they) don’t want to do it, he doesn’t think they should do it. It is their choice…He does not think it is an American imperative for it to be an independent Palestinian state.”

All that matter for Trump is what Israel wants. If it deems a Palestinian state desirable “to enhance (its) longterm security – which I think we are very skeptical about…we will respect this decision,” Friedman explained.

What Palestinians want and deserve doesn’t matter. Friedman saying Trump “has no doubt that Israel wants peace” runs counter to hard, indisputable facts. He has things backwards.

Like America, Israel needs invented enemies, confrontation, instability and state-sponsored terror to advance its imperial agenda. Peace and stability defeat it.

As president, Trump would offer one-sided support like previous US leaders, fundamental Palestinian rights considered unimportant.

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Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected].

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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5 Comments on Trump Endorses Israeli Land Theft and Opposes Palestinian Statehood

  1. S. Boyer – First off this is the first time we have EVER seen this comment (FACT). Second we don’t respond to threats very well AT ALL (FACT)! Third you have your 9/11 facts way the hell off … so why don’t you do some research before you make ridiculous comments! Please explain the arrested dancing Israelis as the towers got hit, with the van full of explosives. A van that had a mural of the towers being hit by planes already painted on it as the event was unfolding? Also explain why several (actually more than several) of the supposed terrorists on those planes are alive and kicking today? If you wish to make your points, please do this with facts NOT propaganda handed out by the very people you are defending. So much of your comment is propagandized bull that I could (as you did) write a book here. If you wish to continue commenting on this website please get your facts straight (and NO threats wont work). And if you wish to parrot the MSM … go to FOX or CNN because we are not a propaganda outlet … we are a TRUTH outlet and your comment isn’t even close to the truth in so many ways it is laughable! We are NOT Anti Semitic (FACT) … we are Anti Tyranny and call a lie a lie whether it is Israel or even our own (US) government (FACT). Have a nice day …

  2. I sent the following comment twice to be published, but it didn’t happened. I asked you the second time to at least respond to me and be honest about it if you didn’t want to publish it. Well, unless you give me a good reason otherwise, I guess I am going to let certain outlets who are against the rhetoric that you publish on your site about your site being anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist. It’s true that the author of the article is a self-hating Jew, who would rather see the so called Palestinians take over our Biblical land than his own Jewish brethren, but neither is that an excuse for you not to publish both sides of the coin if you really believe in liberty, one of the principles that this country stands for. Not at least publishing comments like mine shows your hypocracy and bigotry, even if you disagree with opposing views. You can pay lip service to the victims of 9/11 if you like, but don’t forget that the very ones who murdered nearly 3,000 people of all types of races and religions were these same types of Arabs as these Palestinians who hates Jews and Israel.

    I understand that you just present others’ works and you don’t change their content, but for the record, it should be noted that not only are these “Palestinians” (there never was a country called Palestine until Israel was dubbed that in recent times) living in what is called the West Bank which is actually part of Biblical Israel, being provided for the most part with free food, medication, and electricity, by the Israeli government without paying taxes, and on expense of its poor Jewish citizens, as the Israeli government doesn’t care about following what the Bible says and could hardly wait to give most of its land to these Arabs except for the fact that the Arab leaders want even more than what is offered so they keep turning down the offered peace deals; but these “poor” Palestinians show their gratitude to the Israeli government by murdering and injuring Israeli Jewish citizens, between suicide bombs, scud missles, knife stabbings, etc. Of course, it is Israel and Jews who always get blamed for “causing” these things to happen, despite the fact that virtually all the terrorist organizations such as ISIS, PLO, Hamas, etc. are all run by Arabs; while Israel and Jews have contributed significantly bettering this world, including traveling and assisting people in places around the world who are struck by natural disasters (which you will of course never see or hear about in media outlets).

  3. That was the headline as provided by Global Research and the author Stephen Lendman. TLB does not change the content or headline when we are presenting others works. If you wish an answer to your question, there are ample links to the author and Global Research. Thank you for your interest.

  4. can you show a single source where Trump said “Trump Endorses Israeli Land Theft and Opposes Palestinian Statehood”

    or what bodily orifice did you pull this one out of

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