Truth Misdiagnosed As Conspiracy

Truth Misdiagnosed As Conspiracy

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

Too often, I see the term “conspiracy theory”, as if conspiracy has no meaning unless tied securely with theory. And so it implies a dangerous untruth, just a theory no one has proven, often despite ample evidence to its truth. And assumes, subtly or not, that the author is somewhat loony or an anarchist.

From the Oxford dictionary, the definition of the word conspiracy: “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”. A plan, not a theory.

I’ve even heard people say or write the one word version, “Oh, that’s just a conspiracy”. Really? They mean a lie or exaggeration? Who knows, if this keeps up and “theory” is more and more dropped out, the definition will evolve in the dictionaries and daily life as something like, “An untruth stemming from fear or paranoia”. Culture does change and dictionaries follow suit. Or maybe the government will create that definition and enforce its use in every dictionary, school and the media. Ah, now I sound like a conspiracy theorist. Never mind that. Just a bit of anxious imagination.

You’ve heard the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Well, I’ve been accused indirectly from one or more people on Facebook of being a conspiracy theorist and, I’ll tell you, it pissed me off. It invalidates your beliefs and dismisses you as unimportant. Of course, they often do it “politely” by posting it on their own page with an invisible finger pointed at you. A subtle conspiracy, wouldn’t you say?

I have to admit, though, that this article is a takeoff on a post written by someone this morning which made me roll my eyes. My reasoning, however, is that if I responded directly to it with my opposing view, it would simply make them wrong. That will cause them to hold ever harder to their opinions. And then possibly private message me with a video to prove how wrong I am. (done to me)

Total waste of time and energy.

Facebook is really no longer the place to hang out if you want to stick your neck out with the purpose of waking people up to the dangers which are more and more apparent. Recently, I was banned from posting ads on my business page because I was being “political” on my personal page. The suppression of freedom of speech has truly gone mainstream, injected like poison into our realities. They say you have “violated community rules”. What a generality. Who’s the “community”? Who made up the rules? It can leave you with helpless rage because you have no target to challenge.

What is the answer to that?

Even though the internet is a poor replacement in many cases for well-researched data, it has its effect. It’s pretty awesome that we still have the ability to post (pretty much) whatever we believe, though the liability is people too often accept what is written just because it’s written. They get awfully confused by contrary facts, a kind of online disease. Part of this problem, I believe, is the terrible education in the school system where many college students have a third grade reading level. They’re not taught to THINK. What they ARE taught, is to gobble up data in their books and lectures and spit them out on tests. No application to speak of. It’s a mystery to me about how they actually practice what they “studied”.

In the video below, she makes a good point in saying it’s possibly caused by this audio and visual era with much less grounding in basic reading skills; but it possibly is more sinister than that. Common Core, for instance, nearly destroyed education. Not a conspiracy theory.

Communication is of rock bottom importance in a culture. To violate that with oppressive education that does not produce real thinkers and able contributors to the world will smash that culture to smithereens. If children are not even taught basic skills like spelling and grammar, that seriously causes misunderstandings and conflicts. Study some primitive cultures with poor or backward or no education and see how far they have come.

I’m not the brightest person on the planet but I can say one reason I can sit down and write at all is because I was well taught basic skills in grammar school.

So bad education can contribute greatly to disputing or discarding alternative views simply because people don’t understand them. There’s too much spoon-fed data at second grade level they would prefer to accept. Like dog videos.

On Common Core

The answer, of course, is to drop the bad study habits and simply make sure you have enough data to back up what you say. Then you will remain unscathed. It gives you certainty which cannot be weakened or damaged if you know what you know as fact. Then your posts or books or articles will be more and more accepted. And always question what others write.

Another answer, for me, is to help expand The Liberty Beacon to the point it becomes the “real” mainstream media, un-threatened by bans and shutdowns from Facebook. I’m honored to be a part of it and what Roger Landry has done the past ten years to expand it –and many other projects he has in mind.

So, yes, there ARE many conspiracies afoot. The way out is to get the true data and attack with exposure and whistle blowing. If you are truly informed and educated, you cannot be harmed. And also, learn a skill well – no matter how old you are. Then put it out there. Do well, help people with it and you will help beat the disasters many people are succumbing to and calling “conspiracy theories”.


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