TSA Grants Security Amnesty to Illegals


By Mike Adams, Health Ranger

No ID required to fly commercial airplanes, but only if you’re NOT an American (opinion)

(NaturalNews) The latest insult to Americans will infuriate millions: while the TSA strictly enforces ID and security requirements on American citizens, illegal aliens are now being allowed to board and fly on commercial aircraft without having to show any ID at all, announced the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). (1)

This bizarre decision results in an “air security amnesty” of illegals while simultaneously admitting that the agency’s extreme enforcement of ID requirements for American citizens is nothing more than security theater.

TSA admits ID requirement is security theater

The Department of Homeland Security has long insisted that Americans “might be terrorists” and therefore must be subjected to rigorous searches, penetrating radiation scans, ID requirements and even a secretive, Stasi-style “no fly list.” But now illegal aliens who are known to consist of gang members who pose a clear and present danger to public safety are being mass-boarded onto U.S. commercial aircraft without having to show an ID at all.

“The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” says the NBPC. It goes on to point out that these “Notice to Appear forms” can be easily faked using a home computer and printer.

“The Notice to Appear form has no photo, anyone can make one and manipulate one. They do not have any security features, no watermark, nothing. They are simply printed on standard copy paper based on the information the illegal alien says is the truth.”

Hector Garza, spokesman for the NBPC’s Local 2455 went on to explain:

We do not know who these people are, we often have to solely rely on who they say they are, where they say they came from, and the history they say they have. We know nothing about most of them, ICE releases them into the American public, and now they are boarding aircraft at will with a simple paper document that anyone can easily alter or reproduce themselves.

Proof that TSA security is pure theater

There are two groundbreaking realizations to be had from this. First is the TSA’s implicit admission that the “show your ID” security requirement which is strictly enforced (at gunpoint) against American citizens is a total fraud. Obviously, if such security procedures are not going to be uniformly enforced across all passengers flying on commercial airplanes, what’s the point in enforcing them at all?

Instead of performing actual security functions, the TSA is now granting unknown persons who could be terrorists or gang members direct access to the same class of large commercial airplanes that brought down the TwinTowers on 9/11.

That this “TSA amnesty” is selectively granted solely for illegal aliens is yet another insulting smack in the face for hardworking American citizens who are footing the bill for all this. Since when did law-abiding Americans become second-class citizens while illegal aliens were granted total immunity in the air and on the roads?

As I’ve already reported here at Natural News, illegal aliens already have total legal immunity when operating motor vehicles in the state of Texas. We have an epidemic here of aliens driving big, heavy trucks while having no insurance, no driver’s licenses and no driver’s education training. One of these people violently slammed into my car earlier this week, causing an accident that could have easily sent a more frail person to the hospital.

With illegals now granted total immunity on the roads and in the sky, it seems Obama has only to grant them complete immunity on railways and ships, too. Illegals are America‘s new “Untouchables” in a nation that’s clearly being run by extremely irresponsible politicians who are encouraging and even applauding a de facto invasion of the United States of America.

Free health care, free schooling, free legal representation and total immunity

To the astonishment of everyday, hardworking Americans, we are now seeing the Obama administration go out of its way to grant rights, privileges and subsidies to illegal aliens that Americans don’t even qualify for. As the Washington Times reports, Obama now seeks to provide free health care, free schooling and free legal representation to the illegals, even while denying such benefits to Americans. (2)

While half the residents of Detroit can’t even afford to pay for running water (3) and one-sixth of New Yorkers are facing starvation (4), Obama is sending billions of dollars in free money, benefits and resources to essentially engage in government-sanctioned child trafficking operations that “completing the smuggling cycle” of human smuggling across the border, according to Garza. (4)

It is now beyond any doubt that the Obama administration is deliberately engineering a mass invasion of America that will ensure American citizens and taxpayers are economically crushed while illegal aliens flood their cities and streets. While American workers are being fired and downsized due to the onerous Obamacare mandates placed on small businesses, illegal aliens will rapidly take over those jobs off the book with total legal immunity.

Even if they get caught and deported, they merely have to pay a small fee to be transported back to the Texas border, where the U.S. government will provide them with free housing, free food, free medical services, free lawyers and free transportation to the city of their choice. Amazingly, the U.S. government has now set up a reward system that announces to all of Central and South America, “If you can make it to the border, you win the lottery!”

We are being overrun

If this open borders policy is allowed to continue, our cities, streets and entire nation will be overrun by drug gangs and illegal aliens. Our law enforcement resources will be rendered useless against the surge, and the United States of America will increasingly resemble Mexico, a nation rife with drug gang corruption, extreme violence and an inept government that accomplishes nothing.

Our schools and hospitals will be overrun by illegal children, as is already happening in Texas and Arizona. Our roads will become “free-for-all” demolition derbies as millions of uninsured motorists acquire vehicles and begin blasting their way down streets and highways with impunity.

Elections will become a total farce as the democrats will make sure all voter ID laws are overturned, allowing illegals to vote in every election. What will they vote for? More benefits, more handouts and more open borders. America is the only nation in the world whose election process is so corrupt that the simple act of requiring an ID before someone is allowed to vote is routinely struck down by the corrupt courts. The whole point of this orchestrated fiasco is to allow illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections and thereby transform America into another socialist cesspool like the ones that exist across Central and South America.

This is how the invasion takes place. This is how America is lost. This is how a once-great nation is systematically gutted, suffocated and then overthrown.

Acts of war

The open borders policy is, for all practical purposes, an act of war against America, and those who encourage open borders are by definition traitors who betray this nation.

“The federal government; under the command of Barack Hussein Obama; is actively executing a full and complete invasion of the United States of America,” writes Eric Odom of Liberty News. (6)

When this invasion is complete and the United States of America has been completely occupied and overthrown, rest assured that all who oppose the new Narco-Fascist American Government Regime will be executed on sight. Mass disarmament of the public will be enacted so that America increasingly resembles Mexico, where the citizens remain helpless against criminal drug cartels and criminal government.

And once this is complete, which nation will welcome all the white and black refugees forced to flee the oppressive, criminally-operated narco-fascist government that used to be called the United States of America?

Close the borders now or we lose America forever.

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