Two Drones Each Carrying 1Kg Of C-4 Explosive Used In Maduro Assassination Attempt, US Denies Involvement [video]

Two Drones Each Carrying 1Kg Of C-4 Explosive Used In Maduro Assassination Attempt, US Denies Involvement

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Speaking on state TV a day after the alleged assassination attempt on President Maduro, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said that six people have been taken into custody and more arrests are possible in the coming hours. He also said that two drones carrying 1 kg each of C-4 explosive were “disoriented” by govt. signal blockers.

He added that the government has raided several Caracas hotels in search for evidence, and noted that one suspect linked to a 2017 attack on Carabobo military base, another to last year’s anti-government protests.

Meanwhile speculation that this was just another false flag attack to build popular support for Maduro’s crumbling regime, continues to grow.

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Was it a gas cylinder explosion? An assassination plot of US-allied groups? Or possibly the unheard of “National Movement of Soldiers in T-shirts” that are now claiming responsibility?

And where are the remnants or debris parts to any drones that may have been exploded, or possibly even live iPhone footage (though iPhones have been hard to come by in socialist Venezuela over the years) of drones overhead shot by any one of what appears to have been tens of thousands attending the event?

It seems the more details that come out surrounding the apparent drone assassination attempt of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday afternoon, the stranger and more ambiguous it gets in terms of exactly what happened and who is responsible.

For starters on Sunday morning US National Security Adviser John Bolton addressed charges of potential American involvement head on, telling Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, “I can say unequivocally there was no U.S. government involvement in this at all”.

This followed a speech by Maduro in what was his first formal statement since the incident wherein the controversial left-wing Venezuelan president described“They tried to assassinate me today,” while blaming the attack on right-wing factions specifically connected to Columbia and Florida.


Indeed a live feed showing Maduro speaking at a large army commemoration event in the capital of Caracas was cut off mid-speech as explosions were heard, and body guards immediately shielded the president with bullet proof coverings, after which soldiers can be seen running in disarray before the transmission ends.

Neither President Maduro nor his wife or government ministers sharing the stage with them were reported injured, and they express what appears to be genuine shock and fear when the blasts went off.

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