Two Epic Fails: Biden’s ‘War on Inflation’ and ‘Green’ Energy

Two Epic Fails: Biden’s ‘War on Inflation’ and ‘Green’ Energy


Matthew Piepenburg from reports…

In many recent articles and interviews, I’ve warned that Powell’s “higher for longer” war against inflation will actually (and ironically) lead to, well… greater inflation. 

That is, the rising interest expense (nod to Powell) on Uncle Sam’s fatally rising 33T bar tab will inevitably need to be paid with an inflationary mouse-clicker at the Eccles Building.

I’ve also consistently maintained that Powell’s war on inflation is mostly just optics, as he secretly seeks inflation to help pay down that bar tab with an increasingly inflated/debased USD.

Powell achieves this open lie by publicly declaring a steady decline in inflation by simply misreporting the true CPI number.

As John Williams recently argued, true inflation using an honest (rather than the openly bogus BLS) measure is now closer to 11.5% rather than the officially reported headline rate of 3.7%.

This should come as very little surprise to those whose eyes are open to the Modis Operandi of debt-soaked/failed regimes. As former European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker confessed: “When the data is too bad, we just lie.”

But even for those who still believe the current Truman Show inflation (and “soft landing”) narrative out of DC, the Bezos Post or legacy media A, B, or C, there’s more fire adding to the inflationary flames than just bogus narratives and calming platitudes.

In particular, I’m talking about oil-driven inflation, and nothing burns faster.

Scary Flames in the Oil Supply

Left or right, the dumb out of DC just keeps getting dumber.

Between rising rates (nod to Powell), which make capex investing untenable for US oil producers, and a Weekend at Bernie’s White House, which has spent years effectively legislating US oil into oblivion, US energy supply is falling, and we all know that weakening supply leads to higher prices—and inflation.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, whom that same White House called a “pariah state,” has not been warming to Biden’s awkward fist-pumps and increased production pleas, but rather joining other OPEC leaders in cutting, rather than expanding, oil production.

Gee, what a geopolitical shocker…

Net result, both national and global oil inventories are falling, and falling hard.

The Awkward Oil Two-Step

The once “go green” White House realized that the world, and inflation scales, still revolves around oil, especially after sanctioning Western Europe’s former energy supplier in one of the most short-sighted (i.e., stupid) policy decisions since the Iraq war.

This may explain why Biden changed his stripes and why there was a sudden pivot toward allowing greater US shale output in 2023 by pumping more cash into those shale fields at a pace not seen in 3 years.

Unfortunately, however, this may be too little too late (like Powell’s QT) to prevent oil price shocks and higher inflation into year end, thus adding insult to an already injured (and rising) US CPI measure of inflation.

As oil supply tightens, oil prices, and hence inflation rates, rise together with bond yields and interest rates—a perfect storm for over-inflated bond, stock, and real estate markets.

Those prices and inflation rates would be even worse if Chinese oil demand rises—which is why current Western headlines are literally praying for China to implode first. This might explain why The Economist has had two consecutive cover stories about an imploding China.

See how big media and big government sleep together?

Tying it Together

Regardless, we need to tie all this together.

If, as I see it, inflation (however misreported) becomes obviously more real and felt, the consequent rising bond yields will make the USD stronger and Uncle Sam’s bar tab more expensive, which hardy bodes well for America’s twin deficit black-hole of unpayable debt unless…

…Unless the Fed starts printing more fake and inflationary money to buy its own IOUs and weaken its export-killing, and BRICS-ignoring, USD.

Again, no matter how I turn the macros, the Fed will eventually have no choice but to pivot toward more instant liquidity and hence more inflationary policies to save/monetize its broke(n) bond markets.

Once this inevitability becomes a headline, the temporarily rising USD will be seen for what most of the informed world already recognizes—just another fiat monster backing a world reserve currency in the hands of a nation whose debt to GDP and deficit to GDP ratios mirror that of any other banana republic.

Reality is Hard to Look at Directly, But not for the BRICS

Many in the US or EU may not wish to see this. Bad news, like death and the sun, is hard to stare into.

But the BRICS nations, no strangers themselves to embarrassing balance sheets, are seeing this clearly.

Although I never bought into the gold-backed BRICS currency hype, I have zero doubt that this amalgam of commodity-heavy nations has a common enemy in the current US-dominated (and USD-driven) international trade system, whose hegemonic days are now numbered and whose alliances, as we warned from day-1 of the Putin sanctions (economic suicide), are forever de-dollarizing away from DC.

Moreover, the BRICS don’t need an “official” gold backed currency to trade their real assets in gold rather than Dollars. All they have to do, as Marcus Krall and I recently discussed, is request payment for their exports in gold.

The BRICS+ nations are hardly the perfect marriage of unlimited trust and efficient coordination. Nevertheless, they share an existential threat from an over-priced USD and negative-returning UST…

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  1. In response to @Anndee on #SocialMedia about “The left is counting on all of us being as stupid as their……………….. There has been global warming and cooling since the beginning of time. 7 ice ages– droughts dust bowls”

    ME: If HUMANS had responsibility for any of them, I would contend we certainly contributed (if not caused) the DUST BOWL – but that was a somewhat localized thing. I have been arguing issues of MICRO vs MACRO* for decades now. We clear cut for Ag way to many contiguous/connected acreage that eliminated proper/appropriate Tree breaks. WE (on the Right anyway) LEARNED FROM THAT and do not repeat said mistake. THE LEFT learned NOTHING from History and now our Forrest burn out-of-control for the exact opposite reasons of NO FIRE BREAKS or proper WATER RESEVOIRS (as discussed in: ). Other than that, NO Man has little to no actual control over the Environment.


    * Just like MICRO of people putting SolarPanels on THEIR OWN DWELLING that can realistically STORE ENERGY for over the time the Panels cannot produce Energy to run the Property IS VIABLE and REASONABLE (except for the up-front cost still, that needs to come down) vs the MACRO idiocy The Left wants to insist of non-viable/workable SolarFarms and WindFarms that do not produce enough for whole neighborhoods let-alone entire cities as they PRETEND can happen (nor ever be able to realistically STORE the Energy for off-production times).

    ALSO TOO, I have been talking about MICRO VS MACRO for decades about cities for decades and IF we are going to continue to Electrify our Highways/Freeways (even though Vehicles have headlights) seemingly WASTING (IMO) that Energy currently we need WIND BARREL GENERATION TECH along the middle of those Roadways as the Wind does NOT have to always blow – Vehicles constantly whizzing by in both directions helps create Barrel motion and Power generation which too can be Stored locally for evening hours of Lighting (and the excess created during Daytime put into the Grid for use)!!! As well as TIDAL POWER as University of Michigan been working with TIDAL MILL GENERATORS for decades (as for example, The Detroit River TIDES never stop, where-as WindMills do stop moving/generating) and can produce 24×7 Power generation (good, old fashioned, tried and true, HYDRO POWER) with no impact to Wildlife (Fish in this case) where-as WindFarms kill Birds and now even WaterFowl as we see in News almost Daily. But EnviroTards are NOT interested in practical applications, only MACRO BOONDOGGLE MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS ( ).

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