U.S. Honors Murderous, Human Rights-Violating Despot: “Man of Remarkable Character and Courage”

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So what if he’s a murderous despot with a documented track record of violating human rights, suppressing freedom of speech, publicly lashing adversaries and persecuting women?

Introduction by Mary C. Giacobbe (TLB Staff) I do not know every personal opinion of others in the US, but I personally felt disdain that President Obama, again with his overreach in many areas, had sent condolences on behalf of the American people, due to the death of King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia. While President Obama may have had a relationship to the late king, it is irrelevant. There seems to be no boundaries with him, as he skipped out on speaking for us in the recent Paris terror attack, in a blatant no show, when he could have spoken out and given condolences to our fellow Europeans in France. What is he thinking? He must be aware it is common knowledge that we know the late king of Saudi Arabia has a history of being guilty of so many crimes against humanity, as well as here in the US, in regard to his involvement in the 9/11 attacks against our own people!

I am glad someone finally spoke out, and agreed, that perhaps the American people are not on board with the protocol of their government. If our president, thinks in anyway that we agree with the facade of the war on terrorism, being funded with US tax dollars, and his allegiance toward the Brotherhood of Islam, people start speaking out! We have terrorists, that are put on the watchlist, and a day later invited to speak at Washington events! America will remain upside down, until the people out there start reacting to actions that we do not condone, and calling the mainstream press, on this charade called the War on Terrorism! Criminals are being let out of Gitmo, and setting up camp (business as usual), yet we are being labeled as dissidents, for free speech, as he arms the criminals of the world with guns, and wants to take ours!

The past King of Saudi Arabia was responsible for atrocities against innocent people, and was a war criminal. I stand on principle here, and it is common sense, as we lose more and more liberties daily (illegally and against common law). Do not ever forget who our president allies with. It is clear to us that his allegiance is not to Americans. While Israel, Saudi Arabia, and our other so called allies, are committing genocide daily, do not speak for me Mr. President! It is high time the American people rethink the slaughter that our allies have set us up to face, if they continue this behavior. It is treason, and they need to be held accountable. So insert foot in mouth, once more Barack Obama, as you underestimate the intelligence of US Citizens, there is something called protocol. Even if your policies are a bit mixed up, remember where you are, and mind your manners please! Do not be invasive, I am relieved the king is finally gone! President Obama, just cannot get it right here in America, have you noticed? Perhaps because he does not FEEL American for personal reasons. MCG


JANUARY 28, 2015

It’s both mind-boggling and disgusting that the United States has created a special competition to honor a foreign, murderous despot renowned for violating human rights, suppressing freedom of speech, publicly lashing adversaries and persecuting women. This so-called “hero” is also famous for beheading those who commit minor crimes, murdering dissidents and stifling online criticism through intimidation, arrests, prosecutions and long jail sentences. It’s downright obscene that a civilized nation like the U.S. that values human rights and due process would even consider honoring this sort of tyrant. His name is Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, the former king of Saudi Arabia who died this month. President Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey, actually referred to the deceased king this week as “a man of remarkable character and courage.” Human rights groups throughout the world have long blasted Abdullah and made sure to recall his atrocities after he died on January 23 at the age of 90. One well-known international organization, Human Rights Watch, points out that systematic discrimination against women persists in Saudi Arabia and this: “Under Abdullah’s watch, authorities rounded up scores of peaceful dissidents and human rights activists who dared to criticize the government, subjecting them to unfair trials before Saudi Arabia’s terrorism court on vague charges such as ‘sowing discord’ and ‘breaking allegiance with the ruler.’” A prominent American Muslim organization based in Arizona released a statement saying it “shed no tears for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,” calling him the head of a “tyrannical, murderous and notoriously repressive government.” The deceased king is responsible for the execution of dissidents, the torture of minorities and the exportation of the most malignant strain of politicized, radicalized Islam the world has known, the announcement further states. Under Abdullah’s reign Saudi Arabia remained a country where bloggers received potentially fatal lashings, writers were jailed for tweets, dissidents are beheaded and the monarchy itself participates in child marriage, according to the group, American Islamic Forum for Democracy. None of this stopped General Dempsey from creating a preposterous research and essay competition in honor of the dead king. The contest will be hosted by the National Defense University in Washington D.C., which issued a press release promoting the outrageous competition. It quotes General Dempsey saying “this is an important opportunity to honor the memory of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, while also fostering scholarly research on the Arab-Muslin world, and I can think of no better home for such an initiative than NDU.” In a separate announcement posted on the Pentagon’s website, General Dempsey refers to the king as “a man of remarkable character and courage” and says the essay competition is a “fitting tribute to the life and leadership of the Saudi Arabian monarch.” The general also praises the autocrat for overseeing the “modernization of his country’s military” and points out that the king was a lifetime supporter of his country’s alliance with the United States. So what if he’s a murderous despot with a documented track record of violating human rights, suppressing freedom of speech, publicly lashing adversaries and persecuting women?

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